Three Different Ways to Build a Fire

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    Jan 09, 2013
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Knowing how to build a fire is a useful skill for when you are camping, or for when you just want to start a fire in a fireplace. This article will teach you three of the most popular fire making techniques out there.

Teepee Method

The teepee fire is one of the easiest fires to build and light. It is perfect for when you are camping and you need warmth quickly. Start by placing your tinder on the ground, and then place some kindling over the tinder. Do not press the kindling down, and leave lots of gaps to help the fire to burn. Then you can start to stack twigs or firewood up in a teepee shape over the kindling. Leave a small opening in the teepee on the upwind side. This opening is where you can light the fire. This type of fire will burn very quickly, and once it burns down you can just place logs on top of the fire in the log cabin formation.

Log Cabin Method

The log cabin method is suitable for when you need a fire to cook on. It is simple to build, but it can be slightly tricky to light. Follow the above instructions to make a very small teepee fire, and lay two large pieces of firewood parallel to one another on either side of the teepee. Then lay two slightly smaller pieces of wood parallel to one another over the other pieces of wood, so that it forms a square. Repeat this process until the log cabin is four or five logs high. On the last tier you can place 4 or 5 logs in a row to close in the teepee, but be sure to leave gaps in between the logs. You can use a long fire lighting match to light the centre of the fire. Have small pieces of kindling and extra firewood handy so that you can top up the fire as it burns.

Lean to Fire

This type of fire is particularly good to make when there is a light wind. Stick a piece of kindling into the ground at an angle, pointing in the direction of the wind. This piece is known as the support stick. Place your tinder bundle underneath this stick, then lean pieces of kindling around the support stick until you create a small teepee like structure which only covers half of the fire area (unlike the full teepee which covers the lot). Once it is lit and burning the support stick will eventually burn and fall, so be sure to have wood ready to put on the fire.

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