Pond Dyes for Beauty and Benefit

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    Feb 10, 2014
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Pond Dyes for Beauty and Benefit Photo by Henry Jordan

Water Dyes or pond dyes are gaining popularity amongst pond owners across Europe. Pond colour treatments magically transform the brown murky waters to an attractive colour immediately after application. Water dyes could be procured through online sellers or directly from the shelf in different shades and hues. Most preferred tints are blue or black, although some manufacturers also offer fluorescent green or red colour too to the pond lovers. These dyes not only provide an instant verve to the pond and its surroundings but also cuts out sunlight to reach the beyond the surface of the water body. In absence of the sunlight, weeds and algae that are mostly attached to the bottom surface of the water body die out soon and newer growth is also curtailed.

Pond dyes do not affect the water plants floating on the surface of the water body. Dyed water is harmless and safe for the pets or stray animals such as cats or visiting birds to drink and as well as for watering the garden plants; as components of the most dyes are food grade colorants. As with any water treatment, do not forget to go through the instructions about application of the dye very carefully. Most manufacturers offer a pair of protective gloves along with the dye. Although dyes once dispersed and dissolved in the water do not stain human skin, animals or plants, concentrated powder or the liquid may be indelible if accidently spilled.

Pond dye is an inexpensive and nature friendly method of effectively controlling the algal or weed growth inside the pond. Water dyes reflect the sunlight from the surface of the water; this effect creates a beautiful and shining backdrop for the water plants. Since most of the sunlight is reflected away; algae, weeds or other submerged plants are unable to carry out photosynthesis and hence make food. This phenomenon proves to be a very useful aspect for the pond lovers to keep their ponds beautiful and algae free for long.

Pond lovers are accepting the pond dyes as an eco friendly alternative to harmful chemical based weedicides and algaecides. Sometimes water bodies show up multiple problems need attention and treatment and all chemical treatments should be carried out with a minimum gap of two to three days. Pond dye treatment does not impose any such restrictions; however, it is always advised to read the label for complete information. Most water colourants are economically priced, you can search online for the best-priced option available. Since the water dyes available commercially are highly concentrated, relatively smaller amount is enough to transform the entire water body. Most pond dyes are able to colour 4,250 litres of water with a small amount of approximately 250g of dye. You can choose from either powder or liquid dyes, both dyes are easy to apply and give long lasting colour that may last for months if water is not shed from the water body or there is moderate to heavy rainfall. Under such situation, simply reapply the product to maintain the colour.

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