Top Tips for People Learning to Use Commercial Kitchen Equipment for the First Time

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    Sep 11, 2014
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Top Tips for People Learning to Use Commercial Kitchen Equipment for the First Time Photo by Colin Armstrong

Learning to use commercial kitchen equipment for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience. Many people walk in thinking it is going to be like the cooker they have at home, but when they see all the knobs, dials, and settings they go to pieces.

If you are training to use kitchen equipment, here are some top tips to make sure you take in as much as you possibly can.

Listen to the Trainer

It seems like an obvious one, but not for the reason you think. Yes, you need to listen to them if you are going to learn how to use the equipment. What people forget is every catering company has a different procedure and a different system for using commercial machinery. If you get this wrong, it could land you in hot water with both your peers and the management team.

Get Used to the Speed

You will have to get used to a certain way of working. Someone who uses commercial equipment will have to be able to produce food in a certain period. Consistent timing is everything in catering because the waiters need to be able to manage their time effectively, otherwise guests could be waiting twenty minutes before they receive their next meal.

Hard Staff Members

Catering is a high-pressure industry. You have to have a thick skin no matter where you are in the process. When you train, you will make mistakes, but you have to be willing to accept the fact senior staff members will be harsh on you. The waiters will especially have a problem with failure because they rely on topping their wages up with tips.

If you cannot find the right button on a commercial grill, the extra time lost could mean they do not get a tip.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

You might think you are the most technical person in the world and nothing can touch you. With this sort of attitude, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Leave your ego at the door and listen to what people with more experience than you are trying to tell you.

Focus on Your Job

Most of the time, you are going to be working in an environment where you are close to people. It can get tempting to start talking about what you did at the weekend or what you were doing last night. Cut out the small talk. You are in a work area that relies heavily on good timing and getting things right the first time every time.

Reduce the number of mistakes you make whilst training by focusing on the job at hand. If you are working on the commercial coffee machines, you do not want to press the wrong button because you were trying to talk to a friend standing next to you.

Overall, remember not to be too harsh on yourself. You are a trainee and many of these machines can take some getting used to. Most trainees do not realise how complex some of these machines are until they confront them for the first time.

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