Ideas to improve the look of your home

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    Dec 18, 2012
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A house is the most important place for a family. They live their lives in it. They invite people and socialize. They grow up and grow old in them. And thus as we change with time, it is also important to change our house which is the integral part of our lives with us. It’s important to do away with old things and bring in new energy and change. The most common things that should be removed are old papers, outgrown items such as shoes and clothes that don't fit, the old cycle that your now teenage son cannot ride any more, old furniture etc., with times, styles also change. Imagine going into an old couple's house to find the 60's furniture mixed with 80s and 90s items. It would be awkward to have a house like that. Thus the house should be upgraded gradually over the period of time, here are some ideas:

1) Put a garage sale: Identify all the items in your house you feel are of no use. There may be items that are used once in a year. If they are inexpensive and readily available, it is better to follow the 'use and throw' principle with them. Once you start looking around your house for items that you never use or hardly use, you will be surprised to see how many items those would be. Put all those items on one side and make a list of them. Clean them or repair them to make them salable and put up a garage sale. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much that the clutters your house.

2) Give away something that you love: There are items around your house which are there because you absolutely love them. Such as old pouffes from your grandmother's Moroccan furniture UK that she gifted you. Sometimes you have to let go of things to feel free.

3) Get new furniture: Once you have given away old things, it's time to replenish your house with some new furniture. Obviously you cannot afford to completely change the furniture of your house at one go, but you can buy some items to give it a refreshingly changed look every now and then.  Bespoke furniture in the UK is very expensive, so you can buy ready made furniture. Upgrade your bedrooms with new bedside tables. Buy new pouffes for your dressing table. For the dining room or living room buy large wall mirrors or if you have an apartment then go for smaller mirrors. Mirrors always add glamour to a house and make it look big. Buy new designed Moroccan Furniture in place of the old Moroccan Furniture that you got from your grandmother. For every old bedside table, pouffe or mirror you gave away, you will find a better and a new replacement.

4) New curtains: Get new bright curtains for your house. You can keep alternate curtain sets and change them every second year. This will give a fresh new look to your house each year. Curtains in children rooms should be replaced when they grow up. A teenage boy or girl having a cartoon character on their curtains will wear them out. They need a change in surroundings as they grow. Replace posters with large wall mirrors.

5) New mirrors: Mirrors gradually lose their luster over time. Even if they are cleaned regularly, they accumulate dust inside them. The must be replaced after every 15 years or so. The frames can be retained or large wall mirrors can be purchased. There is also some furniture that can be placed on bedside tables. These days in the UK it is common to find mirrors sold with bespoke furniture.

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