Simply Horsing Around? - Be Prepared For All Infestations

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    Dec 17, 2012
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Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people across the world that would be classed as a horse lover? If so, do you know exactly how to care of the animals that you love? Do you know exactly how to prevent the many infections and diseases that your beloved pets can catch?

I personally didn’t know anything about pet wormers and what they can do for animals. However, once I heard about them and researched their purpose, I quickly learned about what can happen if you do not use them. This caused me to panic about the health of my horses.

When your pet gets sick you would normally take them to the vets and be charged for taking home some medication, whilst these medications will not cost too much more than what you would pay for a human prescription there are still ways to buy these medications for your pets cheaper.

Pet wormers like the equest horse wormer for example can be found so much cheaper if you know where to find them for yourself rather than purchasing them from the vets.

What Pet Wormers Can Achieve!

• Exterminate Roundworms– These pesky little things cans live in the intestines of your horses and actually grow to around 20 centimetres long and be as thick as a common pencil. These worms can be the cause for many illnesses in your foals, with the worst cases becoming weaker, depressed and they could eventually suffer ruptures in the bowel. Pet wormers are a great way of eliminating these threats to your foals, whilst they will come at a cheaper price than from your local vet.

• Exterminates Lice– Lice are a common problem for horses, especially for stabled horses during the winter months. Lice are parasites that feed on the blood of your horses, with them being incredibly difficult to get rid of in most cases. These lice a very host specific and once they find a home on one of your horses they will not want to leave it.

If your horses have these lice, they can end up with anaemia of the blood, have serious skin irritation which can lead to self-mutilation and suffer a general loss of condition.Pet wormers again are the perfect cure for lice, as they can help to prevent any kind of infestations.

Whatever animals we own, we should always look to protect them as best as we can which means more than just feeding and grooming them. We need to be well informed on each and every infection, illness and condition our pets can develop. Education is the first step and prevention is the second, without one we really cannot have the other.

Whether you opt for the vets or an equest horse wormer, the health of your horse has to be the number one priority.

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