Treat Worms and Other Infestations WithEquest Horse Wormer

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    Nov 21, 2012
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If you own a horse or pony, there is always the risk that they may catch worms or other infestations. In fact, over 90 percentof the small redworm found on a horse will be encysted larvae, although they may not be evident on an egg count, so aninfection can be tricky to assess. One of the ingredients in equest horse wormer is Moxidectin and this ingredient alone cantreat all stages of encysted redworm in just one dose. It is safe for pregnant mares and foals aged four months and over.

Treat Infestations Successfully and Prevent Resistance Build up

Horses and ponies can experience problems with some cheap horse wormers, but equest continues to worm horses for 13 weeks and the product remains in the equine’s system for an additional two weeks after treatment, which makes equest horse wormer an effective way to protect the horse from pasture contamination and re-infection.

Equest horse wormer is especially effective for pregnant mares. Ivermectin based wormers have a higher toxicity to dungdwelling insects, but equest has a lower toxicity.

Natural horse wormers like equest are also economical over the long-term, as the equine requires only four single doses forthe control of bot and roundworm. The three monthly dosing intervals can also inhibit the risk of resistance build up. Equestgel melts in the horse’s mouth, so there is a reduction in wastage.

The Range of Wormers Online

Equest oral gel works effectively to inhibit the development of larvae in the intestines and allows the frequency of dosage tobe minimised in a parasite control programme. Weigh the horse first to ensure that you supply it with the correct dosage.This is not suitable for ponies.

Equestpramox horse wormer contains praziquantel and moxidectin, which effectively treat tapeworms, bots and smallredworms at the developing larvae stage. It also controls roundworms. Each syringe contains 11.8 grams of gel, which isenough to treat a 575 kg horse.

Equimax contains the ingredients, prazinquantel and ivermectin in an oral gel to treat and control immature and adultlungworms, gastrointestinal roundworms, tapeworms and bots in horses. The syringe contains an adequate amount of oralgel to treat a 700 kg horse.

Panacur equine granules are simple to administer to horses and other animals and the active ingredient is fenbendazole. This broad-spectrum anthelmintic product can treat and control immature and adult roundworms in the gastro-intestinal tract.

The Safety Aspects of Treating Equine

Always wear protective gloves and wash any exposed areas of the skin, should they be exposed to the worming product. Donot treat another animal with the same syringe, unless the horses are running together or situated in the same area. Dispose of the empty syringe in compliance with the regulations of the local waste regulation authority.

Equest horse wormer is one of the most effective ways to treat worms and other infestations in the horse over the long-term to find out more visit our website.

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