The Dos and Donts of Worming Your Horse

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    Nov 23, 2012
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Internal parasites can cause serious problems for the health of your horse, which is why it is crucial to establish a horse worming program with an effective treatment such as Equimax. A good quality wormer will ensure that your horse is kept protected from the threat of worm infection.

The way that you treat your horse for worms is very important, so here are some tips for making sure you are giving them the most effective preventative medicine.

Don’t Overuse Horse Wormers

When you are treating your horse with a worming product, make sure that you do not give them too much too often. You might think that this will protect them from worms even more, but it will actually do the opposite. Over using wormers for horses can actually cause the worms to develop a resistance to the chemical so that it will not effectively kill them anymore.

Do Measure Your Horse’s Weight

In order to find the right dose and avoid under dosing or overdosing on your equine wormers, you must first figure out the weight of your horse. This can be done by using a weight scale at your local veterinarian or using a girth measuring tape to give you an approximate indication.

Don’t Forget About Pasture Maintenance

Giving your horse an Equimaxwormer is only one part of the equation, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining their stable and pasture to keep them free of worms as well. Neglecting this step will mean that your horse can become easily re-infected. You need to clean up and dispose of any horse manure at least two or three times per week as well as moving your horses to a different pasture frequently in order to naturally break the life cycle of the parasite.

Do Administer the Medicine While Your Horse is Calm

Horses usually don’t enjoy taking an equine wormer. Would you like it if someone squirted a nasty tasting chemical in your mouth? It is important to calm your horse down when you are giving them their treatment otherwise they will spit it out and it will accomplish nothing. A great way to do this is to regularly feed your horse a sweet treat such as applesauce from the same type of syringe that you use for the worming treatment. When you come towards them with the syringe they will be expecting something nice so they will open their mouth happily. Make sure you feed them some nice apple sauce again before the next treatment, so they associate the syringe with tasty treats which are only occasionally yucky.

These are just a few dos and don’ts which can help you perform the most effective Equimaxhorse wormer treatment to keep your horse healthy and free from worms.

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