Using Wormer Products Effectively for Best Results

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    Nov 01, 2012
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All worming type products administered to a horse or pony are licensed chemicals, controlled by legislation. This ensures that the product safely supports the health of the equine animal and does not put them at risk. There are thousands of equest wormer products to buy to support the internal health of your horse or pony; but what you must thoroughly research is exactly what type of animal wormers you require in the circumstances.

The Types of Equestrian Wormers

When administering your horse or pony with a licensed chemical known to kill worms, it is paramount to learn exactly what chemicals are included in the product and what they do. If you are unsure what the pet wormer product does, then how can you be confident that it suits the function for which you bought it?

- EquestPramox is a sole wormer to treat tapeworm and encysted worms, but how many times per year do you propose to use it, and when, as this wormer is expensive.

- Equitape only treats tapeworm.

- Eqvalan Duo and Equimax treat only tapeworm, not encysted worms.

- Equest only treats encysted worms, not tapeworm.

Choose the Appropriate Worming Product Between Applications

The effectiveness of an equestrian wormer is dependent on when it is administered to the horse or pony, as these products have a time limit. Ivermectin lasts approximately 8 to 10 weeks and Pyrantel-based wormers only 4 to 6 weeks. This is also why you must understand the base chemicals that you are administering to the animal. The interval period between worming applications solely depends on the risk of worms to your horse or pony.

If the shortest time interval is used when your horse or pony has a low worm burden, the worms can effectively become immune to the wormer. In addition, if the equine has a high worm burden, and the longest time interval is applied, the equine may suffer from worm damage and infestation.

Know the Weight of the Animal

An effective tool in the battle against worm infestation in your horse or pony is the weigh tape. It helps the worms develop resistance to the chemicals in the worming product. It is important to know your horse or pony’s exact weight, as there is the risk of overdosing, which then speeds up the development of worms becoming resistance to the wormer. Also, under dosing puts the horse or pony at risk of still suffering the worm infestation. In addition, colic can strike a foal who has received a worming overdose. The owner of larger equines often inject the animal with a whole syringe, however, it is not satisfactory for 15hh plus heavier horses.

What Weight Does the Wormer Cover?

The wormer has a limit to the weight of the horse it is effective on. A sachet of powder can include 300 kg, while liquids or syringes include 585 kg to 800 kg. Knowing the exact weight of your horse of pony can then help you administer the exact quantity of wormer to treat the infestation.

Support the health of your horse or pony with equestrian wormer products, ensuring that you treat them with the exact dose needed by weighing the animal first.

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