Aluminium Roller Shutters and Installation of Commercial Shutters

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    Jan 29, 2014
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Aluminium Roller Shutters and Installation of Commercial Shutters Photo by Anne Layman

Having a stylish living with all the luxuries is everyone’s dream. Privacy and security are the two main features that should be present in both residential and commercial buildings. In today’s world, maximum security comes in a wide range of items made of the most durable materials, stylish designs and soothing colours.

The best among all the security items are the aluminium roller shutters. These shutters are the best option to obtain privacy for residencies, shops and factories. Aluminium material is widely used for the manufacture of slats and shutters due to the property of flexibility. Unlike the wood material used for Window Plantation shutters, aluminium sheets are bended and constructed to form strong rolling shutters. They are firmly interlocked with bottom rails. The shutters are easy to handle and the whole operation is performed with less trouble. The aluminium roller shutters are mostly available with both half and full perforation.

When selecting an Aluminium Roller Shutters contractor, the following points must be kept in mind:

• The aluminium roller shutters manufacturing and supplying companies should provide a guarantee of their products.
• If you have a commercial building, protection of goods and prevention from burglars is necessary. If the shutters break due to any reason, the BLINDS CONTRACTORS should repair the damaged parts to ensure extreme security.
• A 24-hour repair service should be provided by the contractors if required to save your time.
• In case of jams and improper installation, an aluminium roller shutters contractor should fix the problem in a limited time.

Applications and Uses of Roller blinds

• Aluminium roller shutters are widely used for counter tops.
• They hotels and bar owners use these shutters to obtain high security and protection from thieves.
• They are also used for shop fronts for high security.
• Shopping malls and supermarkets have aluminium roller shutters installed at the entrance.
• Public places such as game arcades, sport complexes, parks and zoological gardens are secured with aluminium shutters.

Types of Aluminium Roller Shutters

The aluminium shutters are anodised with a natural matte finish. The slats and swatches are powder coated with sleek and stylish colours of more than 200 shades. The colours are of the best quality and can resist the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. Sizes, designs and shapes vary according to the purpose and location. The slats are available in different series of options having heights ranging from 60mm to 106mm. They are insulated and extruded to form shutters.

Whilst being durable and long lasting, aluminium roller shutters are also light-weighed and require a very low maintenance. The slats are constructed without the use of harsh chemicals and coatings to prevent corrosion. Unlike the other materials used in Roman blinds, aluminium material is less expensive and economical.

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