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    Nov 20, 2012
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When you decide to remodel a home, you have to take hundreds of decision. These decisions are based on many factors that include cost, aesthetics, functionality and durability. Among them the most vital is the type of material you choose for the roofing. Like paints, building materials are also made up of harmful chemicals that may harm you and your family. If you want to ensure safety to your loved ones then choose the right and environmental friendly material. Eco friendly materials are made up of recycled materials that not only reduce pollution caused during manufacturing but also insulate your home better during summer. Read on to learn about the types of eco-friendly materials:

White roofs:

White roofs are 300% stronger than fiberglass or organic roofing felts. Due to the reflective coatings this roof protects you from ultraviolet deterioration and reflects solar induced heating from the building. This reduces energy consumption and utility costs. White roofs are also known as Green roof system because it reduces surface temperature. You might be thinking that this amazing roofing material must be expensive but generally speaking it is too cost effective and very flexible.

Photovoltaic roof system:

If you’re worried about your electricity bill then photovoltaic roofing is the better option to cut down your electricity cost. It contains solar cells and panels that channel sunlight and convert it into electricity. Do you know this system have an average life expectancy of more than 30 years? That means you will be stress free for years once you install photovoltaic roof system. This system also enhances the look of your home.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are the most eco-friendly roofing materials that are manufactured with 60-65% of recycled materials. It reflects 34% of the sun’s energy compared to conventional asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are highly recommended for earthquake prone areas. This material is available in different styles and colors such as barrel vault, wood shake and clay tile. Metal roofs are a smart choice for your home as it is pest resistant.

Tile roof system

Before you decide to go for a tile roof system, you must consider many facts such as climate, region, aesthetics and more to get the appropriate type for your project. Tile roofs are also resistant to fire, pests and hail. Tile roof system also includes concrete tiles that are made of cement, sand and available in variety of colors. This system is appropriate for any climatic condition.

These are only a few materials that can be used for your roof when you remodel the home. During home remodeling most people evaluate life cycle costs and check the manufacture warranties to have safe and beautiful home. You too can check all the necessary information via online during remodeling. For instance, if you are residing in San Antonio use the keyword Home remodeling San Antonio. Select the appropriate remodeler as well as material and be happy with your loved ones.

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