Sunscreen Blinds For Absolute UV, Light and Privacy Protection

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    Aug 02, 2013
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Sunscreen Blinds For Absolute UV, Light and Privacy Protection Photo by Anne Layman

As the name suggests, a sunscreen blind protects the inside of your home from harmful UV rays of the sun. If the Ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun fall on fabric or polished wood or any coloured surface, it will cause the colour to fade. Polished wood especially glazed wood will crack due the intensity of the heat and the UV rays. If you have a sofa set near an unprotected window with the sun falling on the back of the sofa, take a look at the back of the sofa - you will notice extensive colour fading. If your sofa is covered with leather or resin you will notice hairline creases. All this and more can be prevented by using sunscreen blinds.

Sunscreen blind helps eliminate heat and glare inside your home

If you allow the sun to stream in, unless your intention is to help create warmth during the winter season, you could end up increasing the indoor temperature by as much as 2 degrees. How does this happen? The sun heats the floor, walls or whatever objects its rays touch. The object soaks up the heat and in turn radiates and transfers the heat into the surrounding air which then circulates around the house heating up rooms it passes through. A Sunscreen blinds prevents this from happening.

Sunscreen blinds help prevent toxic fumes

Some objects apart from getting discoloured due to the sun's UV rays, might let off minor quantity of toxic fumes (treated leather and resins for example) that could be harmful especially to children and pets. Use of Sunscreen blinds Sydney helps prevent this from happening.

Sunscreen blind helps keep the room bright and airy

Most house wives prefer the interiors to be bright and airy. A sunscreen blind does not prevent you from brightening up the interior nor if you open the window, will it prevent air from entering the home. The sunscreen blind can be opened to let natural light filter into the room. Every Sunscreen blinds suppliers have special fabric that stops harmful UV rays and prevents glare. The room is bathed with soft, comforting diffused light. Also an opened sunscreen blind does not prevent your view of the world outside.

Varity of colours, sizes and options

In the days of the Egyptian Pharos, a sunscreen blind was made of reeds from the Nile river. The reeds were placed horizontally one below the other and threaded together. They even had a twine to raise or lower the sunscreen blind. These untreated sunscreen blinds often stank in the monsoons and the slightest breeze caused it to create a racket banging against the wall.

Thankfully, today, technological advances have ensured that sunscreen blind manufacturers no longer need to use reeds for making sunscreen blinds (although these are still sold in Egyptian shops).

Today, sunscreen blinds are made from a wide variety of human-friendly materials and are available in a range of options including Sydney Awnings, Roller blinds, Panel glide blinds, Holland Blinds and external blinds. Whatever be the type of window blinds you have, there is a sunscreen blind for it.

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