Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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    Jul 09, 2013
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds Photo by Anne Layman

"Aluminium venetian blinds" somehow it does not sound too appealing right? And yet, if you visit a store selling aluminium venetian blinds, you would probably be amazed to find that aluminium blinds are available in a variety of pleasing colours, shapes and sizes. In fact, they don't look metallic at all.

Aluminium venetian blinds were a natural extension of aluminium frames - the ones that hold your window glass in place. Apart from the pleasing colours, aluminium venetian blinds are specially treated so that its surface does not oxidize in high moisture regions. This makes aluminium blinds highly durable; in fact, they would probably last you a life time.

Aluminium venetian blinds are elegant, light weight and easy to clean

Technology too has improved and unlike yesteryears when blinds would often foul up when opened or closed rapidly; today blinds open or close cleanly, smoothly and are almost noise-free. Advantages of installing aluminium venetian blinds include:

* Light weight
* Wide range of colour and sizes
* Economical
* Easy to clean
* Long lasting

Aluminium venetian blinds Sydney can be corded; wand operated or even motorized and is elegant enough to be installed in the house as well as office.

Corded aluminium window blinds have a cord dangling on one side of the aluminium blind. Pulling the cord will either open or close the blind. If you have kids in the house, you can have a child safety device installed.

Instead of a cord, you could opt for a wand control. Rotating the wand clockwise or anti-clockwise will open or close the blind.

Aluminium venetian blinds can be remotely controlled

A third option is the motorized control. Aluminium venetian blinds used in the living room or bedroom can be motorized and the motor can be controlled via a remote. If you find the light a bit too harsh while watching TV, simply click in the remote in the direction of the blind and voila - the blind closes. You get two-way control at your finger tips. Roll up (or down) and blade tilt control. With blade tilt control you can control how much light enters the room.

Aluminium blinds are easy to clean

Unlike blinds of timber, Aluminium venetians Sydney can be easily cleaned. To clean the aluminium venetian blinds you can use a feather duster, soft-haired brush or soft cloth. If the blinds were not cleaned in a while, you would probably want to use a moist cloth.

Amazingly, blinds can also be vacuum cleaner - just use the lowest power and you'll be done in seconds.

Aluminium venetian blinds can also be attached to glass doors. To attach a blind to the glass door, just clip it to the rail attached along the bottom of your door. This will keep the blind stable when door is opened or closed.

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