Energy Saving Window Blind Solutions

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    Sep 09, 2013
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Energy Saving Window Blind Solutions Photo by Anne Layman

With energy prices the way they are today, every little effort towards saving energy counts in our attempt at reducing our energy bill. That said, you are probably wondering what window blind solutions has to do with energy consumption - pretty big actually. Our own research proves you can save up to 25% of your energy bill just by using the right window blind solutions. Let us explain.

In over 80% of the homes and offices we visited at the time of fixing Cheap Window Blinds, we've found that the selection and blinds had more to do with interior decor than to do with trapping heat in or keeping heat out. As you can imagine, during winter season, the ideal scenario is to trap heat within the room whereas during the hot summer season, we should not allow heat to even enter the room.

Get these two things right and your cooling and heating costs will reduce by a whopping 25% which translates to hundreds of dollars in savings in any language.

Energy saving Window blinds Sydney solutions tip # 1 - Ensure your windows are air-tight!

Check if all your windows are air tight. This especially applies to wooden windows because of their tendency to warp and bend during the monsoon. An out of shape Dual Roller Blinds will leak as much as 30% of cool air. Result? Your air conditioner has to work harder and obviously, will also draw more power for a longer period of time. This applies during the winter months as well except, instead of the air conditioner, the leaking air will cause your heater to be working on over-drive.

Energy saving window blind solutions tip # 2 - Use Cellular Window Blinds and Roller blinds

Cellular shades are manufactured incorporating a special honeycomb design. While investigating how honeybees manage to avoid freezing during the winter, scientists were astonished to find the temperature within staying several degrees warmer than the freezing cold outside. Further investigation revealed that the honeycomb structure effectively trapped warm air within the room. Our cellular honeycomb window blinds or Cheap roller blinds Sydney are the perfect solution to retaining either warmth or cold. Using cellular window blinds reduces your energy consumption for heating or cooling.

Energy saving window blind solutions tip # 3 - Use Thermal Window Blinds

Thermal window blinds solutions uses two types of curtains - curtains with black out liners to warm up and trap heat and curtains with white outliners to reflect heat away from the window. Obviously, the curtains with black outliners should be used during the winter months whereas the ones with white should be used during the summer. Also, in the winter, we recommend you keep the blinds open to allow any available sunlight to enter the room and help warm it up.

Clearly, there's more to window blinds than meets the eye. Talk to us - visit or call us. We are always glad to help.

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