Venetian Blinds a good alternative to curtains

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    Jul 15, 2013
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In most cases when we look at an uncovered window, we think of adding curtains. While curtains add elegance and charm to the room, they are a pain to maintain and catch dust quickly. Every couple of weeks or so the curtains need to be taken down and washed and fresh set of curtains put up. This is a chore that can take quite some doing. The answer to all this is Timber venetians Sydney.

Modern venetian blinds are light weight, ultra easy to maintain and come in a wide range of colours. So next time you need to cover a window in an attractive way but don't want to spend half a day in laundering them, think venetian blinds.

Types of blinds

Typically, these blinds are available in aluminium, real or synthetic wood, plastic and fibre. You can choose between fixed blinds and blinds that can be lowered and raised. The difference between the two is that blinds that can be raised or lowered provide easy access to the glass window beneath - something you should consider if you like your air fresh and natural.

Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

You also have a choice between horizontal and Vertical Blinds Sydney i.e. in the former, the blades are horizontal whereas in the latter version, the blades are vertical and move sideways. If you have a large wall-to-wall window, a horizontal blind works best. For a ceiling-to-floor window or glass door, vertical blind looks great.

Choosing between the Cord, Wand or Remote Operation

Venetian blinds that can be raised, lowered or moved sideways have a cord, wand or motorized control. You can select any control method at the time of placing your order. If you select the corded type, then pulling the cord one way or the other will raise or lower the Roman blinds Sydney. If you opt for the wand then simply rotate it one way or the other. A motorized control on the other hand, usually comes with a remote. Most remotes have 'Up' and 'Down' control. Sophisticated remotes (with matching motor on the blind), have an additional control for the blades. Using the remote you can raise or lower the venetian blind. If the Roller blinds Sydney is lowered, you can also alter the angle of the blades and control the amount of light coming through and also your privacy.

High end remotes also usually have timer functions and you can operate a single blind or all the blinds in the room.

If you opt for the simple cord control, you should also have a child safety lock installed. This will hold the cord in place so a child will not get accidentally strangled. Even if you have no kids around, a child lock still makes sense as it also prevents the cord from swinging around in the breeze and creating a racket.

Venetian blinds are exceptionally easy to maintain. You can either dust them with a duster, or wipe or even vacuum clean (on low power). There is no need to take down the blind. Simply close the blind fully, wipe, and in a couple of minutes you're done. No curtain cleaning services required.

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