Finish off your Window Furnishings with Pelmets

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    Dec 31, 2013
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Finish off your Window Furnishings with Pelmets Photo by Anne Layman

Pelmets are one of the best decorative options for your house which can also hide the unappealing messed up look of the window curtains. They are able to cover the curtain fixtures and suspending rods which can ruin the presentation of your living room.

Pelmets can also be used for commercial purposes. Commercial pelmets are available at all blinds and curtains manufacturers, capable of providing all the hospitality requirements. Hospitals, restaurants, motels and inns, salons and shopping malls are some places where commercial pelmets are used.

You can finish furnishing your building's windows and can create a supreme decorator look through pelmets. The Fabric Verticals material varies according to the budget and property requirements. You can choose what best suits your house decor among the most appealing and beautiful designs. The pelmets are available in a huge range of colours, floral and geometrical designs and prints. Traditional and modern designs can blend with the furniture sequence and colour combination of your household items.

Styles and Types of Pelmets

* Upholstered pelmets are suitable for both traditional and modern house architecture. The pelmets are firmly bonded to hide the roller blinds present on the windows. The upholstered pelmets suppliers manufacture these pelmets by experimenting different shades of colours for the fabric.

* Padded pelmets can give an excellent look to the windows. If you're looking for pelmets which can provide an orderly arrangement to the window rails and curtains, then you can get a variety of shapes and designs from the padded Pelmets manufacturers.

Process of Installation

Consulting professional Pelmets suppliers is necessary when you decide to install a protective shield for your windows. The size of pelmets, colours and designs should accurately match your room's furniture. If you have small rooms, then installing a bigger pelmet won't be the right choice. Wooden or fabric pelmets are the best and the most suitable options for window coverings. Other than that, the pelmets shouldn't be more or less expensive than your house's furniture or it will ruin the whole look.

The Pelmets distributors and installers will fix the pelmets on the curtain rods. Small wooden blocks will be drilled and nailed on the walls beside the curtain rods to prevent spoiling of the paint, after that, the pelmets will be fixed on them to cover the upper portion of the windows.

Features and Benefits of Commercial pelmets

* Pelmets are the best source to stop harmful UV rays from entering the windows. The high quality fabric won't tear in years, hence requires a low maintenance system.

* Cool breeze can be prevented by installing pelmets on windows.

* Pelmets can easily fill long or short gaps between the window and curtain rods.

* Wooden or fabric pelmets are suitable especially for houses having high ceilings.

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