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    Dec 11, 2012
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For many residents of Phoenix and especially the foothill suburbs of Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree, Mesa, and Awatukee, scorpions can be a real problem.  Scorpions prefer the heat of a warm climate (particularly temperatures ranging from seventy to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit). As such, Phoenix exterminators are often called to get rid of scorpions.  

Though most scorpions are often as small as a single inch in length, they can get much larger – up to seven inches long from mouth to tail depending upon the species of scorpion.  At the tip of the tail is a sharp spike known as the Telson.  The venom from a sting from it can deliver a nasty burning sensation.  Anyone who might have an allergic reaction, or who has health issues may want to seek medical attention after a sting has occurred, but this is even more important for small infants and the elderly infirm.   

How do you Know if Your House Has Scorpions?

This might seem an obvious answer.  You know that you have them when you see a bunch of them, right?  That might be the case, but one does not always see them, despite them being right underfoot.  Scorpions like to hide away and tend to come out in the dark of night.  Thus, one might not see them at all.  

If you have seen a scorpion or two recently, then there is reason to be suspicious.  A black light can actually help you spot them, as the protein in the exoskeleton glows under the special light.  If you are nervous that they may be about, then it is wise to employ pest control services.  An exterminator in Phoenix will be very familiar with the signs of an invader such as scorpions and will also know how to best get rid of them, if they are making a home with you.   

If You Don’t Have Them, Don’t Invite Them

There are ways to help prevent this invader from entering your home or business.  Just as you would likely want to leave if your home was robbed of its many comforts, a scorpion will feel the same way.  

Fortunately, what you consider a comfort and what they do is likely very different.  Holes and cracks, for instance, can be very inviting for scorpions.  Keep them out and they can’t set up camp.  Small holes can be stopped with caulk, while larger ones might require some repair, but it is well worth the effort to avoid infestation and prevent the costs associated with Phoenix pest control services.  

Similarly, piles of wood, grass, leaves, building supplies, etcetera can be very inviting for scorpions trying to hide away and they should be kept to a minimum and properly placed away from the structure if you choose to have them.  The most important matter and the most frequent recommendation from companies who do all kinds of work, including bed bug, rat, mice, insect and even Phoenix bee exterminators is to keep things clean.   

Pests like piles to hide in, easy food sources, convenient entry and exits, and all of these things can be done away with by keeping your place tidy.   

How can I prevent them?

I feel very fortunate to live in Arizona.  We don’t seem to have a lot of the issues that come with certain areas of the country, like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, etc… however in the desert areas of Arizona, the scorpion is home.  

Scorpions are natives, this little invader was here before we were, and probably will be here long after we are gone. If you want to live with them, you have to have regular on-going pest control service for an effective pest management strategy at your home or business.  Scorpions eat small soft shelled insects, so if you keep the pest issues under control, your property will be less attractive to scorpions.  

People who maintain a regular pest control service tend to have less problems with scorpions.  You know the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  This is very true in the scorpion control business – be preventative, it is easier to keep them away, than to get rid of them.  Screen and seal your home, move storage, debris, wood piles, landscaping materials, etc… away from the structure, have a regular Phoenix pest control service, and you will prevent scorpions from invading.

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