Creating a Lawn - Turf vs Seed

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    Apr 11, 2014
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Creating a Lawn - Turf vs Seed Photo by Colin Armstrong

If you've made the decision to reward your garden with a brand new lawn, before any of the hard work can start you are faced with one major decision: turf or seed? Do you go for the ‘instant' benefits of turf as offered at, or do you take your time and watch your lawn grow from seed?

Both turf and seed have their advantages and disadvantages, but before we get into those, we must debunk one myth: grass seed is not guaranteed to give you a better quality of lawn. If maintained correctly, the quality of both turf and seed will be exactly the same.

Advantages of Turf

The biggest advantage of turf is one that we've already touched upon: the ‘instant' effect. With turf, you get a lawn that can be used within around four weeks.

Preparation of soil is the same as seed, but the creation of the lawn is more flexible. While the best results come from laying turf in the spring or autumn, as long as the ground is not waterlogged or frozen, turf can actually be laid all year round. It also takes less watering after sowing than seed does.

For small areas of a lawn that require repair, garden turf will provide an instant, ready-made solution.

Disadvantages of Turf

The main disadvantage of turf over seed is the cost – creating a lawn over a large area is going to be significantly more expensive than seed. Having said that, visit a site such as and you can pick up turf at an affordable price.

Turf is also slightly hampered by the fact that it must be laid as soon as possible after delivery, so you should only purchase a pallet when you have the time to lay it.

Advantages of Seed

Cost is without doubt the biggest advantage of seed and you can create a lawn at a fraction of the cost of turf. There is also a lot of choice available, so you can tailor a lawn to your needs.

Seed is simple to spread, easy to store and light to carry. It also tends to acclimatise better in difficult conditions such as heavy soil.

Disadvantages of Seed

Unlike turf, seed can take several months to establish and this is its biggest flaw. In addition to this, seeds are often attacked by birds and require much more aftercare than turf after the first month. If you are creating a lawn on a slope, seeds are susceptible to heavy rain, which can wash them away.


If you are looking for grass for sale to create a lawn, turf should be your product of choice. It may cost more than seed, but it is easier to maintain and provides you with a more even lawn in a shorter time. The fact that turf can be laid all year round makes it the complete grass solution.

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