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    Dec 10, 2012
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Pests, are something we are certainly not short on. And with so many of different pest possibilities out there and each one presents a different problem. Crickets can chew holes in clothing. Moles can dig up your yard. Ants can get into your pantry. Termites can eat away at the wood your house relies upon. Pigeons can a lot of damage to property with their droppings. A hornet’s nest can be a dangerous accident waiting to happen, and on and on.

Finding out exactly which pest you are dealing with can make a big difference in ending their destructive behavior. However, there are some that are much easier to identify than others. There are some pests that will leave signs to indicate their presence. And there are others that you simply may never see which is why an inspection is a very good idea.

You may see dead tracks of lawn where moles, voles or groundhogs have dug under the ground. Or you may see the trail of ants going to and from their new favorite food source in your cupboard. Or your dog may trot up to you smelling like fresh skunk.

Whatever the case may be, calling in an exterminator immediately is the best choice of action. They are professionally trained to find and eliminate pests with the right knowledge and amount of care needed to get your home or yard back into pest-free shape.

Locating and Eliminating Pests

Ross technicians have a wide array of tools that they can use to detect pests. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking around the property and checking out various locations. If you suspect you may have a raccoon problem, then they will search for potential raccoon burrows, whether it is in your house or under your porch. Technicians know the signs to look for in order to find out where the pest is, if there are more, and the best ways to catch or kill them.

Technicians seek out all the details, but when their eyes and know-how isn’t quite enough, they can turn to other methods of detection. Bed bugs are particularly difficult to locate because they are experts at hiding and may not always be in just the person’s bed. That’s where canine detection comes in. Dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs can go through a room and mere minutes and alert their handler to any bed bugs in the area.

Once pests are found, various techniques are used in order to remove them from the home. Wildlife is often trapped and released, and insects are killed using environmentally friendly tools. Efficient and safe!

Suspect You Have a Problem?

Don’t wait until your pest problem is extreme to get help. Often times calling in a professional right from the start is the best way to not only get the problem taken care of, but also to save money. Ross pest technicians will look for ways to keep pests from entering your home again by providing additional services from gutter guard installation to destroying nearby nests or colonies. This way you aren’t constantly forced to buy poisonous sprays, expensive traps, or other do-it-yourself pest control methods that don’t take care of the problem at its source.

Get the professionals from Ross Environmental Solutions and make sure the issue is done right the first time.

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