The Right Pest Management Solutions for Your Business

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    Apr 13, 2013
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There is no question that your business is important to you. It is how you put food on the table and how you connect the community around you. And the last thing you want is roaches in your business. If you discover signs that cockroaches have invaded your space, do not panic. It is not an indication that you are doing something wrong. People automatically associate roaches with a lack of cleanliness and often assume that is the reason the roaches are in a particular location. However that is not always the case.

In Phoenix cockroaches are plentiful and they will congregate anywhere they can when it offers them a comfortable place to live. If you have a shady place with a bit of moisture available, this could easily be enough to draw them in. But that doesn’t mean they get to stay there. In fact, the second you see cockroaches it’s time for them to move out.

Finding a Commercial Pest Control Company

But who should you contact? How do you find a good pest exterminator in Phoenix? There are different things you can consider. First they need to offer services to commercial locations. If you find an exterminator but can’t find anywhere whether or not they mention helping businesses with pest problems, you should move onto the next one. You want a company that states right away that they are skilled in handling commercial roach problems.

You can also look to see what they offer in terms of products, what there scope of service is, how will they perform the treatments – if they mention an Integrated Pest Management approach or say they will spray, that will make a big difference, if they say they will spray – run don’t use them – they don’t really have a plan that will solve your problem – excessive use of pesticides is not the answer, especially in food handling or commercial facilities. Your business should stay healthy and clean, so a professional company who practices IPM integrated pest management options is a better choice. You can worry less about what is left behind after the roaches are gone and feel good about helping the environment as that is what IPM scope of service will provide.

Additional Assistance

When dealing with cockroaches, it shouldn’t just be a matter of going in, killing off the population, and then leaving again. You also need to know what is attracting them, how to take away that attractor, how they are getting in, and how to fix that issue. Sometimes it’s as simple as a crack in the exterior of the building that you never knew was there. Other times it may be more serious such as a leaking pipe that is making a wide area damp and ideal for a roach population.

Your Phoenix exterminator should let you know the answers to these questions so you can get them addressed. This will ensure that roaches don’t come back and you can get on with business.

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