Exterminators - Just What Do They Do?

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    Jan 16, 2013
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Once an offer is made on a new home, the new homeowners have a whole new set of responsibilities. Often times, one of the first requirements that a mortgage lender will make is a contract for pest extermination services. Routine pest control services are an important part of home ownership and a proven way to protect your investment.

When becoming a home owner there is no shortage of new and different things to learn about. Learning more about exterminators and their services can help you make a good decision about what Phoenix pest control company to choose. Here are a few of the things you should know before picking a pest exterminator in Phoenix.

What does an exterminator do?

• An exterminator doesn’t just spray for bugs. He has several jobs to do to properly protect and treat your new home.
• Inspect. His first job is to inspect you home and see what issues may be present. He should be thorough and detailed in his examination, looking in the attic and crawlspaces and inside the foundation. He should not ignore the yard and surround property. Look for him to use a flashlight and perhaps other tools in his inspection.
• Diagnose. Your Phoenix exterminator should give you a detailed report on his findings and a diagnosis for what he has seen. He should be able to give you an estimation of what damage has been done, its location and its severity.
• Plan. Once he has determined what, if any, pests are present he should give you a detailed plan of action. This plan should include options for environmentally safe choices as well as traditional methods. The choice is ultimately up to the homeowner so do you research before choosing.
• Eliminate. The exterminator will execute the plan of action chosen by the homeowner. This should be done in a timely manner so that the problems do not worsen. Appointments should be kept and treatments done on time and effectively.
• Protect. His plan should include protective measures that will help you maintain a pest-free home for many years to come. This should include a plan for regularly scheduled visits to treat for termites and to check for other issues.
• Advise. A good exterminator should be able to guide a homeowner and advise him on pest control when its needed. He or someone from his company should be available for emergencies like finding a hornets’ nest or seeing a snake. He should be able to answer questions like how to get rid of rats in your home.

Questions to ask.

When choosing a pest control services provider, there are a few questions you should ask.

• Are you state and/or federally licensed?
• What guarantees do you offer?
• Are your employees subjected to criminal background checks?
• What compensation do you offer should your employee break something in the home or damage the structure?
• What chemical do you use and are they safe for children and/or pets?
• Do you use environmentally “green” products when available?

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility but it also offers a great deal of pride and satisfaction. Protect your new home with good quality Phoenix pest control services and you largest investment will be safe for many years to come.

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