Is Male Menopause for Real

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    May 02, 2013
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Is Male Menopause for Real Photo by John Andrews

Male menopause is one of the most common but least talked about conditions faced by men. For many men, the concept of male menopause is still unknown and thus a bit unnerving. Unlike menopause in women which is very well-defined and well-documented, male menopause continues to remain a mystery. Male menopause does exist and is also known by other terms such as andropause and testosterone deficiency.

We all know that men produce testosterone, arguable the single most important male hormone. It’s responsible for development of secondary sexual characteristics and maturation of genital organs. It influences metabolism, energy, muscles, bones, and several other body parts and their functions, as well as memory and mood. Starting around age 40, the production of this hormone gradually begins to decline. As a consequence, men feel a variety of symptoms such as:

· Weak muscles and bones

· Weight gain

· Low libido

· Sleep disturbances

· Fatigue

· Irritability

· Hot flashes

All these symptoms occur after age 40, and are therefore linked to aging. Some even refer to them as midlife crisis. Many men regard them as a part and parcel of life and don’t do anything to get rid of them. The truth is far from different. As these signs are caused by low testosterone, increasing testosterone levels is a surefire way to overcome the signs of male menopause.

How to Fight Male Menopause

§ Eat the right diet. Provide your body with good fats which come from fatty fish, chicken, goose, or turkey, nuts, avocados, and olive oil. Also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat junk and fast food as it contains unhealthful fats which are likely to make you more sluggish.

§ Read a few Ageless Male testimonials. Plenty of men have found relief from the distressing symptoms of male menopause thanks to this supplement. A potent mix of powerful ingredients such as fenugreek seed extract, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 makes Ageless Male the perfect solution to defeating male menopause and restoring strength and virility. Don’t let Ageless Male scam reviews lead you astray. The supplement is completely free of side effects and yields brilliant results.

§ Work out extensively. Strength training, weightlifting, and high intensity interval training are a guaranteed way to improve testosterone production. Even cardio workouts can help; they tone your body and ward off obesity.

§ It’s not only about diet and exercise. Stress is a very important factor most men ignore. It’s testosterone’s prime rival. It pumps cortisol in the blood, causing testosterone levels to plummet drastically. If you’re stressed out, find ways to remain cheerful and happy. Make friends, do yoga, meditate. Take up any activity which releases tension and soothes those frazzled nerves.

Male menopause isn’t the end of life. It is very real and yes it can be frustrating. But it’s up to you to improve your habits and incorporate a healthy lifestyle and recapture health and happiness, no matter what age you are!

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