Discover the Neurotransmitter Brain Changes That Occur When You Abuse Substances Like Drugs or Alcoh

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    Oct 16, 2012
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Did you know that when you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, there are neurotransmitter brain changes that occur? This is a chemical reaction in the brain that keeps you addicted to the substances that you are abusing. This is part of the reason why addicts struggle to fight off their addiction and they continue to use their substance of choice.

If you want to get help, you need to consider somewhere like Drug Rehab New Jersey. This is a company that provides effective drug treatment solutions for people in the New Jersey area. They own several other facilities as well. They provide alcohol treatment at their Alcohol Rehab California facility. So if recovering from alcohol abuse or some other type of substance abuse like drug use is something that is very important to you, going to one of these facilities provides a safe and effective treatment option.

The reason that these treatment facilities are so effective is because they understand the neurotransmitter brain changes that occur during a drug or alcohol addiction. They know how to treat them and teach the addict to cope with these changes so that they can live their life happily without having this extra baggage hold them down.

Why do neurotransmitter brain changes occur?
To understand why neurotransmitter brain changes occur, you first have to understand what these neurotransmitters are. The neurotransmitter that is most heavily affected by substance abuse is called dopamine. Dopamine is your brain's main tool for the reward circuitry. Your reward circuitry does exactly what the title suggests, it is responsible for rewarding your body for specific actions. Some of these actions are things that are vital to your survival. These types of things include hydration, such as drinking water, or energy consumption, such as eating food. These actions are necessary in order for you to survive on planet Earth, so your brain provides you with a dopamine release which rewards you for doing these things. Dopamine makes your body feel good, it makes you happy and more content with yourself as a whole.

The reason why the neurotransmitter brain changes occur with alcohol or drug use is because these substances manipulate dopamine levels in the brain. Whenever you drink alcohol or take drugs, dopamine is released. It is not released in a mild way, it is released in extraordinary amounts. The dopamine releases you can achieve through alcohol or drug abuse are far greater than what you can experience through natural actions like eating or drinking. What this means is, you are basically training your brain to become reliant on your substance abuse in order to get these extraordinary levels of dopamine. Your brain naturally wants to experience this dopamine release, since it is essential to your reward circuitry and it is what has trained you to do the things that you do in life.

Overcoming this addiction is incredibly difficult and it takes a trained staff in order to accomplish it. Facilities like drug rehab New Jersey and alcohol rehab California are of facilities which can responsibly treat your substance addiction.

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