Eco-Me NatualCleaning Products Rated Top Tier of Whole Foods New Eco-Scale Rating System

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    Dec 03, 2012
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Whole Foods has announced a first of its kind, an Eco-Scale rating system for cleaning products. Natural cleaning products company Eco-Me has been ranked in the top (green) tier! Jennifer Mihajlov, Eco-Me Vice President of Sales & Marketing, is excited to have a power-house retailer working towards consumer education.  “Now that Eco-Me is available at Whole Foods we can help educate and empower customers to bring the safest and most effective cleaning products into their homes.”

The Eco-Scale rating system will be fully implemented by 2013. When the rating system is fully in place, all products will be identified at store level with color-coded ratings. Products will be evaluated based on environmental impact, safety, efficacy, source, labeling and animal testing.

Whole Foods cites educating and informing the public in the absence of governmental regulation, and encouraging better products in the marketplace as the primary motivating factors for developing this system.

The system is divided into four tiers, beginning with red at the low end for products containing harsh chemicals, and green at the high end for top tier premium natural products.

The brands and products that fall into the red category, which do not fulfill the minimum requirements and/or contain unacceptable ingredients, will no longer be carried by Whole Foods.

In the next three categories – orange, yellow, and green – the following basic criteria must be met, with additional criteria in the upper tiers:

- Full transparency, disclosure of ingredients on packaging by April 2012

- Independent 3rd party verified compliance to standards

- No ingredients with significant environmental or safety concerns

- No formaldehyde-donors, preservatives which have the potential to release formaldehyde

- No phosphates, chlorine, or synthetic colors

- No animal testing

Eco-Me’s entire line of products has been rated in the top (green) tier of the Eco-Scale rating system at Whole Foods Markets. “Our products are never tested on animals, and, since the company’s beginnings, we have fully disclosed all product ingredients, using food-grade and plant-based ingredients,” states Founder/CEO Robin Kay Levine.

In addition to receiving the top tier of on the Eco-Scale, Eco-Me has won several other accolades including, from Kiwi Magazine, a national consumer magazine and website with the mission of Growing families the natural and organic way, recently announced that Eco-Me was one of the select few natural cleaners voted by their readers for the Best Green Cleaners of 2011.

Additionally, Oprah Magazine reviewed all natural cleaning products to find the very best natural cleaners that actually work! Eco-Me's All Purpose Cleaner, Bill - was one of the products Assistant Editor Jessica Silvester chose. She wrote "With a husband who likes to walk while he eats, I'm constantly wiping down surfaces. A single squirt of Bill cut through everything from the barbecue sauce stains on the stove top to the filmy residue on the countertops."

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