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    Apr 16, 2013
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cup of tea
cup of tea
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Our  Tea line is a unique line of teas that are hand harvested from wild tea trees growing in remote regions of China creating a tea that is naturally organic. From Wuyishan to Yunnan, tea artisans handpick all our wild teas. Taoist and Buddhist monks to enhance their meditation, martial arts, spiritual practices and healing, have used wild teas for thousands of years. We use the ancient wisdom of wild and ancient tea tree teas to bring balance for optimum health, healing and balance.

Wild teas have much better Qi and give you more energy. One of the biggest benefits of drinking wild tea is increased Qi or energy. It can greatly enhance not only energy levels but also mood. In some cases it’s more effective than an anti-depressant. Wild tea can be brewed on average 8-15 times per cup. We have some wild Puer from the rainforest that can be brewed up to 40 times for a single cup!

Average teas on the market can only be brewed 1-2 times per cup and the more expensive ones 3-4 times per cup. You can see how much money you will save with a wild tea. As the tea can be brewed many more times, you get to taste many more flavors as each cup slightly changes in taste like a good wine that gets better when it breathes. The wild teas often reveal a more complex, deep taste that no commercially grown tea could ever compare to.

Imagine an agile old tea picker plucking fresh leaves on the side of a steep mountain. We call this monkey picked tea because it takes skill and agility. The local villagers and families that have been harvesting tea for years gather our teas by hand high on the mountainside. Commercially farmed teas generally use large machinery to cut the tea.

Some of our teas like our Wild Snow Oolong tea is hand rolled and roasted over hot charcoals giving the tea a unique rich taste. To save money and time commercial farms mostly use machines for everything and use a hot air dryer to dry the tea so the tea loses important flavors and the amount of time it can brew decreases.

Our tea plantations are looked over by true tea masters. For example, the same family that has been using the same traditional techniques for over 800 years on the same mountain cultivates Our Wild Snow tea. Compare that to the commercial farms where a large company usually owns them with little or no care for the tea itself and just seeing profits. For these types of tea companies, harvesting tea is a job, for a the families who harvest our teas, it is an art to them, it is their livelihood and an ancient tradition passed down through the generations.

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To buy only Wild Tea Qi Tree and ancient tree teas is glorious, but a bit unrealistic if you are an avid tea enthusiast like myself. The question is how can you buy tea knowing it is unsustainably harvested potentially causing destruction to the environment and the ecology of the place such as other plants and animals? If you have a big conscience like me, which cannot feel right unless you support the preservation of the earth, then you must only buy sustain

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