The Latest Trends In Designer Sunglasses

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    May 06, 2013
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@cgriffith I Had To Borrow The Sunglasses
@cgriffith I Had To Borrow The Sunglasses
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The summer of 2013 is shaping up to be a classic year for some iconic brands of designer sunglasses, as this season promises to bring back a much missed dose of sunny kitsch and refined cool to both the male and female markets. Recent seasons have put a great deal of prominence in big, dark powerful shades making the eyes invisible and with a slightly overbearing hefty tone, which while modernistic and certainly delivering a big bold statement, were never the most charming sunglasses trend. This years latest trends are suggesting that it's going to be a lot more fun and colorful for the ladies this year, while the guys should be sporting more refined, timeless styles.

Starting with the ladies, yellow has been leading the way with many designers as this big, sunny color has featured prominently in the ranges promoted by Gucci, Donna Karan and Alexander McQueen to name just a few. Perhaps leading the way in this style are Vogues delicate 'Cats Eyes' lens, exuding a sleek sense of fun in glasses compact enough to complement both an active and leisurely outdoors style. Even the most elite, and serious fashion houses are getting in on this years colorful spirit.

Those looking for something a little more classic may, as ever, need look little further than Gucci, who have produced a range of 1970s influenced oversized glasses, produced with a sophisticated elegance that complements a gorgeous range of soft-palletee toned frames. Not as bold as Vogues offering, perhaps, but the quality of how this classic style has been gently moulded into a contemporary format is beautifully implicit. A similar take on this would be the range offered by Paul Smith this year, sharing the principles of Gucci's oversize lens but with more explosive frames, epitomized by the 'Nude and Onyx Elodie' sunglasses.

Two toned frames are a feature in both male and female designer sunglasses this year, and for the ladies these are available in a great variety of styles. With dual tones, it's often considered a bit of a risk, but this years liberal vibe suggests taking making an almighty big splash by combining them with big, colored frames (in contrast to Guccis slimness), in as twisted a style as possible. Great examples of this have featured in the styles offered by Dior, with their 'Demoiselle 1' proving especially popular with fashionistas looking for big, yet graceful designer sunglasses. Burberry's 'Splash' range offer similar bold colors and big lenses, but wear closer their ovals tighter to the cheeks creating a sleek, modern wrap-around take on the classic '70s theme.

Given the flair in the female market for designer sunglasses this year, gentlemen can take a little solace in knowing that their fashion is just as expressive, but in a well tried and tested way. The edgiest word to describe 2013 for men is going to be 'retro', yet it's just as true to say that 'easy' and 'classic' will serve equally well.

Brands to look out for this year will be the same designer sunglasses that fathers may have worn, look out for designers who make their styles to bring out lines in the face. Classic examples are simply the classic brands, with Ray-Bans being perhaps the most popular, and long serving example and setting the trend that many more contemporary fashion houses are trying to emulate. Steve McQueen has a nice take on the classic angular style with very thin, elegant Persol sunglasses, as too does Gucci with it's classic oversized lens, a perfect example of the classic aviator style.

So for the latest trend in designer sunglasses, this year fashion houses are bringing back a great deal of playfulness for the ladies, and classic cool for the gents - which should make all in all for a rather handsome couple.

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