Women's Fashion Trends In The 1980s

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    Nov 22, 2012
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With the arrival of the 1980s, women’s fashion trends did take on a whole new look. This whole new look was something very different and some of it was good. While the rest was considered not so good. However, this is what defines fashion, which is sometimes the good along with the bad. Women’s fashion trends in the 1980s could be described by some as being notorious and by others as definite no-no fashion. This is because one day a woman could be seen wearing a skin tight pair of pants and the next day very baggy ones. Each day was a whole new fashion adventure for the women who lived during the 1980s. Therefore, she wore different things at different times, and sometimes the things she wore were okay. While other days they are not as acceptable. It just would kind of depend on the specific fashion mood and day that one would come across her in the street, at work, or somewhere else.

Women’s fashion trends in the 1980s did have one binding tie. This one binding tie did seem to be repeated a lot and this was despite the different outfits that were put on daily. What was this one binding tie? It was no other than the choice of electric neon colors that did seem to be the big hit among the clothing options that were chosen to be worn.

Big colors and colors that mixed were the order for the day. For instance, a bright yellow that went with red was thought of being a really big hit. So, big colors and mixed colors were it. That was it.

There were a lot of women’s fashion trends that did exist in the 80s. However, not all of them were popular, and even the un-popular ones still did seem to be make news on their own. The fashion for women of the 1980s was bold, innovative, and also very colorful. As was previously stated here. However, the one thing that was not mentioned, was this. It was also outrageous in some instances too.

Some of the fashion trends that did emerge during this time period were positive and class. Nevertheless, there were some trends, which were put back into the closet to never be heard of or seen ever again. Therefore, women’s fashion trends of the 80s was a mixture of everything. This everything was good, bad, and ugly.

Women’s fashion trends for the 1980s did include highlights such as big shoulder pads. These big shoulder pads were added to women’s shirts and suits because of the hot drama show on television then called Dynasty. A lot of other trends did come down directly from other popular TV shows of the era and people gladly adopted them for their very own clothing choices. Some of the other fashion trends that women experienced came from movies and also from the fitness craze. Women also wore mini skirts with leggings or legwarmers which were also the fashion thing to do.

One thing that has been learned from examining women’s fashion trends of the 1980s is this. It was that there was great variety and diversity where clothing and fashion was concerned. Each day could bring a whole new trend just after experiencing one the previous day.

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