Leggings - The hottest fashion trend this season

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    Jun 10, 2013
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Wearing certain types of clothing just because they are in style is not always a good idea.  You have to be comfortable with what you wear so that you look good in it.  Usually females spend many hours in selecting one single dress when it is a special occasion, event or a casual summer party.  Well, as far as clothing for casual events is concerned, you can always on one of the best casual clothing items for women available in market, Leggings! They go well with all types of traditional/Indo western/western kurtis & you walk with attitude which is reflected in your comfort.  Yes, they are the same old leggings that were in vogue during early 60's and 80's! It would not wrong to say that outfits with leggings have become a more comfortable & trendy as compared to pants.  They are a little tighter than short capris and end at mid calf or ankle. This skin tight clothing was earlier worn by both men and women but as the time passed, leggings have attained the position of being numero uno outfit in terms of ease & comfort. You can pair up your leggings with one of your trendy tops with some vibrant accessories, you are all set to dazzle in this retro fashion clothing!

Leggings are also popularly worn as exercise clothing made of Lycra-nylon blend.  The best part is the versatility it offers because whether you want to pair it up with ethnic kurti or western top or indo western kurti or for exercise; it gets gel easily. All these comfortable leggings are manufactured from various fabrics like cotton, nylon-Lycra blend, polyester-Lycra, cotton-Lycra, spandex, shimmer, silk & other materials. These days, leggings with stylish multitude colors, trendy patterns, designs like floral prints, geometric designs, block prints & embroideries are available in the market.  A plain outfit can easily be made more attractive with a wild pair of leggings.

If you come across several clothing research, then you will come to know that leggings have been acclaimed as “best inexpensive” women’s clothing that females can have in their closet. If you are a creative bee, then you can fashionably personalize your outfits with leggings. The usp of leggings is that they can be worn during every season without any hassle.  The other breed of leggings that are in trend these days are jeggings. Jeggings have managed to become the hot favorite attire of celebrities & fashionable females. They are made from a combination of leggings & denim jeans fabric. When you wear it, it gives a feeling of super stretchable fabric that can be worn by women of any size.

So pick your favorite one among the plethora of designs available in the market that you are most comfortable with. Leggings and jeggings have become pretty popular and have become a style statement for ladies of 21st century.

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