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    Sep 03, 2012
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St. Louis, Missouri has a well-kept secret and his name is Mark Anthony of Mark Anthony’s Collections located at the St. Louis Mills Mall in Hazelwood, Missouri.  Mr. Mark Anthony is the Fashion Icon and CEO of Mark Anthony’s Collections.

This unique fashion designer of women’s and men’s clothing also designs jewelry of all kinds, fashion eyewear, handbags, you name it and Mark Anthony can design it for you.  Need something boutiquish, chic or one of a kind?  Mark Anthony will be more than happy to design something original just for you that will express your own personal taste and match your individuality.   What do you need or have in mind? Perhaps special pieces of jewelry like an engagement ring or wedding rings?  Mark Anthony is the local designer who can create those exclusive pieces that you will love and cherish.

The thing that is impressive about Mr. Mark Anthony, the man, and sets him apart from other designers is the level of humility he walks in.  Meeting Mark Anthony is like meeting family and it feels like coming home.  So don’t be surprised at all if you go into one of his 3 stores and see Mark Anthony talking with the customers, taking pictures with them, welcoming them and just having a good time.  Mark Anthony is known for always thanking his customers and letting them know how much he appreciates their business, something I find missing in quite a few of the other establishments around town.  I believe we tend to return to those businesses the most when we are treated with dignity and respect and that’s exactly what you’ll receive when shopping at Mark Anthony’s Collections at the St. Louis Mills Mall in Hazelwood, Missouri.

Furthermore, Mark Anthony has been in business for himself since 1987 – that’s 25 years and ¼ of a century; that means he is a local icon in his own right and his business is a landmark in our local town of St. Louis, Missouri; Mark Anthony’s Collections can definitely hold a candle to any designer nationally or internationally.

Fun Facts: Robert Longley of the U.S. Government Information Guide reveals the top 10 reasons to love small businesses here in America and is also what the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy calls, “The Heart of The American Economy.”  Here are reasons to love Mark Anthony’s Collections, a Privately Owned Business Sector in our Nation and a welcomed asset, especially here in St. Louis, Missouri; Small Businesses make up 99.7% of all employers; Small Businesses creates over 50% of the non-farm private gross domestic product (GDP); Four years after opening, ½ of small businesses with employees remain open and small businesses make up 75% new jobs in our economy. 

Small Business Creates 75% of All New Jobs
Remarkably, when asked where he initially received his inspiration for designing fashion, he says, “While employed by well-known stores (found at any mall) like Baker’s and The Wild Pair, I decided I could do this too” and that’s when he began to design his own products. 
Not only that, but yet another  impressive reason why Mark Anthony started his own line of clothing and accessories is because he never wanted there to be a time when someone came to him to say, “we don’t need you anymore” and be found unemployed.  That’s the stuff that our country is made of, Private Enterprise.
Moreover, during his college years Mark Anthony studied Commercial Arts and discovered he had great ability and success with water colors and portraits.  At that point, Mark Anthony made a decision about what he wanted as a career then pursued his passion and now absolutely loves what he does. 
Also, when asked if there is any other place he would like to design and reside other than St. Louis, Missouri, he replied, “Chicago, IL.”  In addition, Mark Anthony is a lover of great jazz music and says he really enjoys attending a good jazz concert.  However, among his more favorite past times, he loves is spending quality time with his children and attending church services. 
Besides that, designing wedding rings, fashion rings and bracelets are some of the fashion items Mark Anthony is famous for and loves to design. Also, he mentioned that when designing he prefers to work with black and white colors.   Next, some of the metals he uses when creating fashion designs and jewelry include, but are not limited to 14KT gold, sterling silver, titanium and tungsten.  He also creates and designs fashion, custom eyewear for men and women.  
SOON TO COME: Last but certainly not least, Mark Anthony hints to some exciting colors coming to the fashion world for fall and winter this year and they are orange, black, brown and purple.  In light of this, 2013 has a new horizon in the making, “plus sizes” for women’s fashions are coming to Mark Anthony’s Collections! This is very exciting for women because at different stages of life, women may find they need more by way of sizes.  Currently available in his Collections for women are small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.  On the other hand men, keep your eyes opened for new styles to come in watches, fashion eyewear, hats and jewelry. 
Fashion Earrings & Eyewear
Finally, when it’s time to go shopping, go see Mark Anthony’s Collections at the St. Louis Mills Mall in Hazelwood, Missouri, Suite 114 next to Old Navy.  When you walk in you will enjoy the ambiance and receive the royal treatment; the treatment you deserve for being a valued customer of Mark Anthony’s Collections.
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