Celebrity and Fashion, The Twin Sisters

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    Aug 19, 2014
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Celebrity and Fashion, The Twin Sisters Photo by Nicholas Okong'o

                                            CELEBRITY AND FASHION, THE TWIN SISTERS
Have you ever wondered about the thin line between fashion design and celebrity? Unless you are keen on the latest events rolling down in the political, socio-economic and now the religious scene on events preceding one another. Indeed people who appreciate their socio-economic and cultural backgrounds will ascertain to this phenomena. But then why should Nick think and above all give this subject matter a priority? Will he gain or lose something from it? Is he confronting something that has in recent past rock his life or is he doing this for amateur purpose? May be patience will tell.
The African understanding of beauty, me thinks is a well built, relatively tall, dark in complexion, short hair, round cheeks just to mention but a few physical features. The buzz on social media in recent past has been one “LUPITA NYONG’O” a graduate from the University of Yale, a Mexican by birth but a Kenyan by origin. Lupita, a senator’s daughter in Kenya has drawn mixed reaction especially in the social media leaving unanswered questions by the phobias and manias. May be this is not the point, let me shift gears to the right route.
It’s exorbitantly relative when a lady is in her Sunday best. Persons will tend to look at her and maybe have this monologue in their hearts “I think she made good use of her time in her dressing room although……” If the lady happens to be a public figure, I mean a respectable public figure then the argument will be “she did it like a first lady, or wow! She did it like an actress or in some instance Oh! That was awesome for an anchor.” The argument aside, after the election of Barrack Obama as the 44th president of the USA the first lady Michelle became an outstanding in fashion shows and all the eyebrows were up to her. On several occasion she appeared on the stage and magazines to show case various designs that were proved outstanding.
Lupita is not new to the scenario of the relationship between celebrity and fashion. She has made a number of appearances on the magazines such as the famous “the drum” and on TV shows where not only her intelligence in question answering has been displayed but also her attires which has received scrutiny and scored “cumlaudi” in the public parliament.
The question my conscious isn’t leaving me without an answer is:
1. Was Michelle in existence before becoming the first lady? If no then she must belonging to the “underworld”
2. Was Lupita ever a human person before McQueen identified her and later preceded with the now famous “twelve year a slave”? the answer is an emphatic yes but the “beauty” tagged on her in the social media goes hand in hand with the explosive performance on the presupposed “12 year a slave” I mean without becoming the best actress on this one, these frequent appearance and the beauty cultivated in her would be futile. On the other side of the coin Michelle’s beauty would be as well a matter of no public concern without the title of “the first lady”.
Celebrity goes hand in hand with beauty which fashion and design is but a bye product.

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