How to write an e-Book

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    Aug 28, 2012
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Electronic books aka Ebooks are becoming increasingly popular and the use of digital reading devices has revolutionized the world of reading. Ebook publishing is going up by the day, boosted by the popular digital reading devices like the iPad, Nook, and Kindle. In 2009 alone, ebook sales totaled $169.5 million of the $35 billion publishing industry.

However, publishing an ebook involves a few key steps. First, one has to be clear why he/she is going to write an ebook. Whether it is something of a great idea one has to get out to the people, or, a memoir or autobiography, a simple story to be told, whatever the reason, the clear idea of what's going to be on the book will help to move to the next step. After all, publishing is all about marketing. Therefore, it is always important to keep in mind who the target audience would be! What they like and feel? How they will they benefit from the book and finally what has been offered for their time.

The most difficult part is the title. It is advisable to think of a catchy title that arouses curiosity about the content. Once the title is done, just write, write and write. It is important to divide the content into chapters and to try making each chapter an engaging reading experience.

Finally, it is important where the book is getting published. The most popular is Amazon kindle, however, there are other online publishers like who publish eBooks for free. Depending on who publishes it, the book might need some formatting.  Download tools for making a good cover page. Amazon kindle has most of the resources and tools on their website. There are some other agencies that do that for you such as 52Novels, Aptara, Booknook etc. Once all this is done, it is ready for uploading. For Amazon, there are a few ways one can do it. The best way is to go for KDP select route. This is a wonderful way to lock in your eBook for 90 days. The good thing is during these 90 days, the book will be available in kindle owners library. You will also have the option to give away your book for free for 5 days during these 90 days.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

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