How to Claim Brand on Social Networks?

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    Jan 10, 2013
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Have you chosen a preferred brand name for your business? You can now claim brand on social networks. The process is easy, but then you need to know a few details. While deciding on the brand name, you must ensure that it is not too similar to the brand name of an existing business or trademark in your vicinity. Conduct a name availability search on your own before following it up with the legal process. Do a primary online search for the name. You need to enter the desired name along with the .com in the address bar of the browser to check whether you are redirected to the website of the business.

The next thing would be to enter the name in the different search engines to see whether other businesses of that name appear in your search results. You also need to look for the database of registered business names of your state. The database is maintained by the office of the secretary of state, corporate registry, corporations division or similar department on the basis of the region or state in which you are based. Check the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in which you will find a database of registered, pending and expired trademarks.

Click the Trademarks and then on Search TM Database. You may select from a number of search options. Another option when it comes to claim brand is to carry out a primary domain name search. You may conduct a free search of domain name registries. By typing ‘domain name search’ on the search engines, you need to look for advice from the business which hosts your website or visit the websites which help you conduct free searches on the spot. If there is another business that is already using your favored name, you can always use it as long as your industry or marketing area does not collide.

You need to have an understanding of the fact that in the above mentioned case, you are taking a risk. You are contributing to the marketplace confusion by giving your business a brand name which is similar to that of another business. A bank will require you to have a registered name before creating a bank account, and they will guide you as to which business to call when it comes to assistance regarding name registration. This will give you an ideal brand name.

To claim brand on social networks, you should look into the different websites and claim brand which is unique to your business.

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To claim brand on social networks, you should look into the different websites and claim brand which is unique to your business.

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