How to convert your PDF file to ePUB by using a reliable ebook conversion service company?

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    Jul 11, 2013
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How to convert your PDF file to ePUB by using a reliable ebook conversion service company? Photo by Cameron Britto

In the competitive world of eBook sales, the format you choose to publish your book in can mean the difference between having large profits, or poor sales.  As authors complete their PDF manuscripts, many have been turning to eBook conversion services with the hopes of putting their book into ePub format.

You must choose an eBook conversion service in order to have your PDF turned into an eBook. This article will explain why ePub format might be a good choice for you, and will give you some tips on how to choose an eBook conversion service provider.

What is the appeal of ePub?

The enormous spread of readers on ipads, iphones, and bookworm web browser, can all be reached by converting your PDF version into ePub. In fact, ePub is the only format that is supported on the previously listed devices. Many authors see the potential for higher sales that would result from reaching those reading on ipads and iphones.

Other benefits?

Beyond the possible sale boost, the ipad and iphone solve a dilemma that can be frustrating to many people who read on Kindles and Nooks. Authors who use ePub give their readers the ability to view one page by holding their device vertically, and two pages by holding it horizontally. While this benefit seems small, the flexibility in page view stands out to many who use eBook devices.
As you make your decision on which company to turn to for eBook conversion services, keep PDF to ePub in mind as a strong contender.

How do I choose the right company for me?

Review their website, and get on the phone with them. Companies who returns calls within one business day show that they are interested in serving you, and will be there for any questions you have throughout the process.

Keep in mind that there are multiple formats a company could convert your PDF to. Some companies specialize in certain formats, and cannot accept PDF files. A quality company will clearly explain on their website exactly which formats it accepts, and which formats it converts too.

Finally, to choose the right company for you, look for an eBook conversion service provider whose customer reviews prove that they are there to support their customers. The conversion process can be difficult for those of us who are less tech-savvy; a company with quality customer service will be there to answer your questions, and support you.

Overall, as you make the decision to convert your PDF into ePub, keep in mind that you have many options, and that a well rounded company will be there to explain those options. Having a company with the skills and know how to support your book could make a large impact on your book sales, and will make the conversion process much simpler.

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