How to Get the SEO Services You Need

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    Sep 04, 2014
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How to Get the SEO Services You Need Photo by Jack Maow

No matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in, you can’t operate successfully without a web presence. Given the important role SEO services play, it makes sense that you’d want to hire a professional firm or specialist to handle the matter for you. The following is what to look for to ensure you get the SEO services you need from them.


Looking for SEO services isn’t all that different from looking for any professional you’re considering for their talents. In that sense, you can’t overestimate the importance of seeing their resume. This means asking to review SEO campaigns they personally handled.
Note that where a website stands now is no indication of their SEO services, even if they worked on it. What you want to see is where the site started. Otherwise, the site may have already been number two on Google when the number one search result went out of business. This would hardly be something they should be taking credit for.


Their resume is important, but that’s hardly even half the story. Ask for more examples and then reach out to those actual companies. Even a campaign doesn’t tell the whole story. How long did it take them to achieve those results? Was it easy working with them or did their client have to harp on them or pay more than expected? These are extremely important matters to consider. If the SEO company or individual is no longer employed by the client they’re highlighting, you should find out why. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation, of course, but you need to find out.

Consider Platforms

There’s no one platform these days when it comes to your web presence. Social media has been a big part of this. So anyone who claims they have SEO credentials better be able to explain to you how they can apply those to social media platforms like:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram

And any other accounts you may use.

Depending on your web presence, this may also mean things like WordPress or other CMSs. The point is that their SEO abilities must span all the platforms you depend on.

Your Budget and Their Fees

Obviously, this should go without saying. Before you hire anyone, you need to ensure you can actually afford the costs. So make sure you have your budget locked in before you begin interviewing specialists or agencies. It can be easy to start considering ever greater amounts when they start showing you what they can do.

The other important part of this step is understanding how they’re going to charge you. Just about every SEO specialist or agency will do it differently. Some will charge you a certain amount for a specific result. Others may charge you for each time their work brings a new visitor to your page or gets you a sale. These options can add up to a pretty big bill if you’re not careful. Obviously, if they charge you by the hour, you need to set a max on how many they can work a week.

Your Expectations

Having your budget is important and knowing how they’ll charge you is essential. But you also need to know what you can reasonably expect for your money. SEO services can have very objective results. For example, did the amount of visitors to your webpage increase or not? If so, what was the number?

However, it’s also easy to talk about SEO services in generalities. Getting your company on the front page of Google, for example, doesn’t specify where exactly (which can make a huge difference). Increasing your followers on Twitter by a certain amount is great, but not if the people who “followed” are bought accounts.

Make sure you get objective information about what your money is actually buying. Get it in writing too and understand what they plan on doing if they miss the mark. Will you get a refund?

When it comes to SEO services, you need to either pay for the best or save your money until you can afford them. There’s no middle ground. Unless you ask the above questions, though, you can’t be sure you’re getting the best possible service for your money.

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SEO Servicescannot be underestimated in terms of how important they are for companies these days. Get the right company on your side and their SEO efforts could send your revenue skyrocketing. Before you get ahead of yourself, though, it pays to know what to look for in order to hire the best agency.

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