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    Mar 31, 2014
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A domain name can be defined as an identifier of a website that abides by the protocol of the Domain Name System. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) controls each website on the Internet that has a domain name. These domain names are sold on a first come, first served basis and expire within 1 to 10 years of the registration. In case they are not renewed by the expiry dates, they cease to operate and considered “expired”. While the registration of a new or regular domain is comparatively simpler, the registration of an expired domain requires a variety of different methods. This article will list the steps that are needed to be taken to acquire an expired domain name.

  1. Understanding domain name release stages: 40 days is a time period that registrars take to eject the previous owner of an expired domain name. The name is held for another 30 days expecting renewal of the same. Once the actual release date is announced, the domain name gets dropped and is released by the registrars for few unscheduled hours.
  2. Purchasing a program to get accurate drop information on several domains: A user can search the expired names database and can select the one he would like to register for himself. Keywords for the desired domain name should be searched so as to get the exact name that you are looking for. Also, look for the details about the schedule of a domain name to be dropped by checking frequently the database for changes.
  3. Back-ordering the name from the registrar site: There are various registrar sites that enable users to back-order the domain names before they expire. You have to check whether the domain name desired by you is there on the websites or not. You will be transported to a list and the required domain name will be offered upon expiration.
  4. Hiring drop catcher or shark to snatch the released domain name: Simply create an account in a major drop catcher. It does the domain name bidding task on your behalf and floods the system with numerous requests. These shark services charge fees depending upon the specific service requested by you. You can also participate in a domain name auction incase more than 1 person is interested in your desired domain. The client with the highest bid is offered the expired domain.

Thus, unlike past years when the expired and dropped domain names were made available to users for hand registration, today the auctioning and sale of the of the expired domain names to the highest bidder for additional revenue generation has completely changed the story of Domain Name Registration.

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