What Types of Teeth Straightening Products Should an Orthodontist Provide?

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    Jan 14, 2013
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Teeth straightening products are how most orthodontists make their money. Teeth straightening is a lucrative industry to be involved in, it's something that a lot of orthodontists have been very successful with. Things like braces and other types of teeth straightening products are what are most profitable for them. Below, you will find a list of commonly provided services by orthodontists for teeth straightening. This can help you decide what type of solution you might be interested in.

#1 - Traditional braces
Undoubtedly, traditional braces are the most popular type of teeth straightening solution among orthodontists. Traditional braces are commonly used for middle school aged children, high school aged children, and even adults. In fact, traditional braces are often applied to elementary school aged children as well. Traditional braces definitely provide a thorough approach to straightening your teeth. Within one to two years, your teeth will be considerably straighter than they were before, and through the use of rubber bands, you can realign your bite as well. This is definitely something to consider if your orthodontist has told you that your teeth are out of line and need to be adjusted with some type of teeth straightening product.

#2 - Invisalign
This is a teeth straightening product that can be highly effective and it has a lot of benefits. Invisalign is completely see-through, which means that it cannot be seen in the same way that traditional braces can. While traditional braces are very bulky and they are often considered unattractive, Invisalign is not. In fact, Invisalign is hardly noticeable and it provides the same effective results that traditional braces do. With a product like this, you can realign your teeth without all the downsides of braces. Invisalign can be taken in and out of your mouth at your convenience, so that if you're going on a date or doing something special, you don't have to worry about having to wear Invisalign.

#3 - Retainers
A retainer is another option that is typically used after you have had traditional braces. In order to ensure that your teeth do not go back to their original position, a retainer is installed in your mouth, or they give you a retainer that you can take in and out. Permanent retainers can be effective at keeping your teach straight for prolonged periods of time. These are retainers that are implanted in your mouth, they are often used for lower teeth, but they can be installed on upper teeth as well. What they do, is they keep your teeth straight without you having to have anything on the outside of your teeth. The retainer stays on the inside of your mouth and it holds your teeth together without having to use any other type of product. Retainers are very popular because they cannot be seen and they are unnoticeable. A lot of people prefer this because it means that they do not have to have anything on the outside of their teeth, where other people can take notice to it. http://Orthodontistin.org provides a wide range of teeth straightening options, it's important that you know what is available so that you understand everything that is possible for your teeth.

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