Dentists in Maryland Tell us about the Signs You May Have Gum Disease, PART 2

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    Jul 08, 2013
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Nothing beats a pretty smile
Nothing beats a pretty smile
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Welcome to the second installment of this article series. In our previous post, we began by explaining just how serious gum disease it, not only because it can lead to tooth loss, but also because few people know they have it! In the absence of pain and discomfort, this terrible oral ailment can go ignored and undiagnosed for many years. This is why a staggering 80% of the American population suffers from some form or stage of it. Also, we tend to be a little lazy about brushing and flossing as frequently as we should. It is essential that you go to see one of the dentists in Maryland to pinpoint this condition as early as possible.

We then began discussing some of the signs and symptoms of gum disease, including gums that bleed when brushed or flossed and gums that appear to be red and swollen or spongy. In this article, we continue to speak to Silver Spring dentists about the symptoms we should be concerned about and seek prompt treatment for!

Your Breath is Bad… All the Time

This is a tricky one; after all, it’s nearly impossible to smell your own breath. However, the expression on people’s faces when you breathe on them should provide an apt indicator for the quality of your exhalations. It’s normal to have smelly breath at least some of the time, like in the morning, but as soon as half an hour after you’ve brushed or flossed is a little suspicious.

“Bad breath is caused by the noxious fumes produced by bacterial waste,” explain dentists in Maryland. “The more numerous the bacteria is in your mouth, the more likely your breath is to smell. Problems such as gum infection and tooth decay contribute enormously to the problem.”

Your best bet is to clean up your act and start brushing and flossing more often. Go to the dentist for a check-up to make sure there’s no infection or decay that needs treating and pop in at the hygienist for a professional cleaning.

Your Teeth Feel Loose and You’ve Already Lost a Few

Loose and missing teeth are about as blatant as your mouth is going to get in its efforts to tell you that you have a serious problem. Teeth that feel loose are indicative of a loss of support from the gums and underlying jawbone. This is most probably because the gums have receded from the crowns as a result of infection and the formation of deep pockets of bacteria around the roots of the teeth have caused the jawbone to deteriorate. At this juncture it would be very unwise to just ignore your oral problems, unless you have aspirations of being the youngest toothless person in America.,

“You must book an appointment with your dentist at the first sign of trouble or at the very least at the first sign you’re losing a tooth,” say Silver Spring dentists. “There’s nothing pleasant about wearing removable dentures and not even dental implants can rival the benefits of your own biological technology. Looking after your natural teeth is easy. Having them replaced is difficult and costly.”

A Final Note

If you’ve noticed any of the problems mentioned in this two-part article series, it is imperative that you get the “all clear” from Silver Spring dentists. While we urge you to follow the advice provided here, your problems could require professional intervention and not just an increase in your home oral hygiene efforts.

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