Know About the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Mar 27, 2013
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104/365: I love the dentist.
104/365: I love the dentist.
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Cosmetic dentistry is a boon for those who want to have brighter and charming smile. If your tooth is worn, chipped, discolored, stained, misaligned, or having gaps, then cosmetic dentistry is the best solution. In a nut shell, cosmetic dentistry includes number of treatments to make your smile totally endearing.

When you begin your search to find the right cosmetic dentist, it’s important to know about their services and procedures. Keep reading to get sound knowledge about the types and procedures of cosmetic dentistry,

a) Teeth whitening: This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve your teeth and smile. Teeth whitening procedure helps to fix discoloration problem caused due to smoking, drinking, or poor dental hygiene. During teeth whitening, dentists bleach your teeth and then apply whitening gel to make your smile sparkling.

b) Porcelain veneers: This treatment is used to fill the gaps in front of the teeth by using ceramic layer. These veneers make your teeth to look brighter, long lasting, stain resistant and give natural look.

c) Dental crown: It’s a cap that fits over the entirely discolored or damaged teeth. Crowns hold the cracked tooth together and save the cracked one from breaking. This crown cap is made up of resins, metal or porcelain/ceramic.

d) Dental bonding: This is also otherwise called as composite bonding. If you’ve chipped or cracked teeth, it can spoil your overall facial appearance. Now with the help of dental bonding, you can regain your appearance and brighter smile. In this method, a composite material is used which looks as similar to teeth. Then enamel is applied to the affected area and it is properly sculptured and hardened with the help of high intensity light. This gives natural appearance to your teeth which results in brighter and beautiful smile.

e) Inlays and onlays: Inlays and onlays are called indirect fillings which are made with gold, porcelain, or composite materials to fill the decayed or damaged teeth. These inlays and onlays are developed in dental laboratory and carefully molded inside the mouth. These teeth fillings are fitted and bonded well with the help of adhesive.

f) Dental implants: This method is popular and expensive; it is often called as artificial tooth replacement. This dentistry is used as a make up for any tooth loss. Dental implants are titanium replacement tooth which are inserted into the bone socket of the missing tooth.

These are the few treatment used by cosmetic dentist to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

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