What Skills Do You Need to Become a Dental Technician?

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    Aug 10, 2014
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What Skills Do You Need to Become a Dental Technician? Photo by Colin Armstrong

The dental technician is a highly specialised individual who must have the correct set of skills to succeed in his or her industry. Every dental technician in Glasgow has had to undergo rigorous training before they became qualified to begin providing plastic and metal dental devices to the public.

To help you understand more about the profession, with the help of Darrenkelseycdt, we have outlined some of the key skills required to become a dental technician.

Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is the basic skill any dentist needs. The technician is responsible for designing the device, but they also have to take responsibility for making it. If they fail to have a high level of manual dexterity, they will not be able to create a device with the correct measurements. This can cause disaster for a patient.

High Levels of Concentration

Dental devices do not come off an assembly line. A dentist will place an order on behalf of a specific patient who needs to undergo a procedure. It is the job of the dental technician to be able to take in the information they are provided to make up exactly what they are being asked to make up.

A technician could take on multiple projects each day. Without a high level of concentration, it increases the chances of making a mistake.

Artistic Flair

The dental technician is probably a misnomer in many ways. The technician is more than the person putting it together is. They are also the person designing it in the first place. All they have to go on is the information provided to them by the dentist from the actual surgery.

An artistic flair means being able to provide the cosmetic look the patient wants. It can be extremely stressful to undergo a major dental procedure. Let us say someone is searching for cosmetic dentures in Glasgow. If the technician has no flair for design and no knowledge of the current trends, they could deliver something that functions but leaves the patient feeling negative about their appearance.

There is far more to dentistry than performance. Without the aesthetics to go with it, patients will not appreciate the performance because they will feel so self-conscious.

An Interest in Science

It goes without saying that dentistry is a science. As with any industry within the sciences, things will change from year to year. If someone leaves the industry for five years, when he or shereturns most of what they know will have been considered outdated. An interest in science means having a willingness to learn new things.

It does not mean remaining on the cusp of falling off the edge. It means going out of your way to find out about new advancements and to predict what is coming next.

Overall, boasting these skills as part of your arsenal is not just necessary for success in the industry. They are a pre-requisite to becoming qualified and entering the industry in the first place. Someone who can say they are all these things is ready to begin an exciting new career as a dental technician.

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