Know About the Steps Involved In Laser Teeth Whitening

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    Feb 28, 2013
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MEDREACH 11, Dental outreach, Malawi, May 2011
MEDREACH 11, Dental outreach, Malawi, May 2011
Photo by US Army Africa

Have you ever wondered how celebrities have sparkling white teeth even at the age of 50? Simple. The secret behind their flashing smiles is laser teeth whitening. Laser teeth whitening is the process of removing stains and discoloration from teeth and improving the color of the teeth with bleaching process to make them gleam like pearls.

If you wish to turn your grim smile in to a dazzling one, laser teeth whitening is the option for you. But before sitting in a dental hospital, it’s best to know and understand all the steps involved in this treatment. After reading this article, you will know everything about laser teeth whitening and will be able to make informed choices in consultation with your dental service provider.

a) Before starting the treatment, a dentist will need to measure the level of stain in your teeth with porcelain tabs. After finishing laser teeth whitening treatment, you will get surprised by seeing the white teeth which you were hiding behind the stains.

b) Prior to teeth whitening process, a dentist will clean and polish your teeth. You might think already you’re there to whiten the teeth, so what is the need to clean the teeth before starting whitening process? Cleaning is done to ensure that there are no stains or cavities. Then your dentist will apply a gel to your teeth to isolate your teeth from gums, lips, and tongue. This isolation gel helps to protect the soft tissues of your mouth from the direct exposure of laser radiation.

c) Next, the most important part of your teeth whitening treatment—applying the whitening gel. These gels are the effective combination of whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Then the applied whitening gel is activated by laser light. Laser light induces the whitening agents to act on the teeth faster and remove the built-up stains. You might wonder, “Is this laser radiation safe for me?” Don’t worry, the controlled laser radiation used in this treatment is 100% human friendly and time-tested.

d) Once the laser treatment is over, the whitening gel and isolator gel are completely wiped from your teeth and tissues. Now your treatment is over. Just like that you will see your whitened teeth and will feel amazed and confident with your new smile.

Hope that now you have a fuller understanding about the step-by-step process used to whiten your teeth. Your teeth whitening treatment will be completed with just these four steps, and you will get everlasting results. If you reside near the San Diego are of, just contact the cosmetic dentists of Scripps Rock Dental who are all accredited by American Dental Association. Let’s schedule an appointment with the best dentist and enjoy your bright smile!

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