What Are The Main Advantages Of Dental Implants?

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    Aug 07, 2014
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What Are The Main Advantages Of Dental Implants? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Implants are one of the most common dental devices used in dentistry. These are designed to replace the teeth lost by patients. They can be expensive, but they can vastly increase the patient’s quality of life. If you are searching for false teeth in Glasgow, or if you are curious about this treatment option, we will provide you with more information.

Using the help of dental experts http://www.darrenkelseycdt.co.uk/, we have compiled a comprehensive list of reasons why dental implants are so beneficial.

Versatility in Relation to Other Treatments

One of the key advantages to implants is these do not interfere with other dental devices in the mouth. On the contrary, they actually support other procedures. The most prominent example off this is the dental bridge. In the case of treatments like the ‘all on four’ method, four titanium implants are used to support a dental bridge.

Implants are the foundation for a range of treatments that can lead to the complete restoration of a patient’s mouth.

The Natural Look and Feel

Unless the person looking at you happens to be a dentist, there is no way of telling whether someone has had implants fitted or not. This is a great comfort to many patients who worry people will be able to tell that they have had cosmetic work done on their mouths.

Implants don’t just look good, they feel good. Dentists perform a procedure that promotes the fusing of titanium into the living bone itself. This makes the implant a part of the mouth. It’s not like fitting a screw in. Over time, the implant will become a normal part of your body. For patients, it means they do not have to exclude certain foods from their diet.

Increasing Confidence

Many implants patients opted for these because they did not like the way dentures made them feel. Dentures are notorious for making a clicking sound whenever the wearer eats. There is none of these side effects when someone decides to have implants installed.

For most patients, self-confidence is everything. This is why they got them in the first place.


Implants are designed to be exactly like normal teeth. You do not have to change your daily oral cleaning regime to take proper care of them. Furthermore, there’s no need to return to your dentist for regular secondary treatments. Once the implants have been fitted, you should treat them in the same way as normal teeth.

Titanium, which many implants are made with, is also an inert metal and it will not require any additional maintenance.

Success Rate

The success rate is always a big factor with any major dental procedure. Thankfully, implants are amongst the most successful procedures in dentistry. As it stands, 95% of patients have no complications relating to implants. Once they are in, they are in for years with no requirements for additional treatments.

Even patients who have sustained bone loss in their jaw can still have this procedure as long as the dentist can use something to anchor the implant to.

Such a high success rate makes this a treatment option patients can have real confidence in.

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