Dental Implants Popular Myths about Implants Busted

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    May 30, 2013
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Dental Implants Popular Myths about Implants Busted Photo by Rozar Peter

With dentures being eventually swapped out by the more beneficial dental implants option, these implants are considered as the most accepted method to substitute your lost tooth or teeth. Inexorably, with it, a number of myths and scary stories are likely to arise. Most of these myths and stories are promulgated as truths around various forums and other internet media.

Having apprehensions about getting dental implants is quite understandable for you if you are not completely aware of the whole procedure entailing teeth implants. Moreover, it is not expected that you are supposed to react quite positively in the first place when you are advised to get a metal implant inserted in your jaw bone. However, with the advancement of technology and training, today’s dental implant offers an excellent and long lasting replacement for your lost teeth. To get a clear picture, it is potentially a good time to have a look at 3 common myths about dental implants.

Some popular myths about dental implants busted by your Sun City Dental Surgeons

Dental implants and its procedure are very painful: The procedure is assumed by a number of patients as the scariest part. However, it is a myth. Similar to all invasive dental treatments, the placing of a dental implant is performed using a local anesthesia that helps in minimizing the pain. You will feel a little discomfort post-surgery, but that will subside after some time by taking the prescribed medicines by your Sun City dental professional. With the latest technology and materials you can be assured of getting the best results with minimum pain and discomfort.

Dental implants break: Even though it would not be completely true to say that implants never break, it is however, an extremely rare case and most probably as a result of an accident or fall. But, in such cases, your natural teeth also tend to break. On the other hand, the reality is that by inserting the implant into your jaw and allowing a fusing process, known as osseointegration, to take place, these replacement teeth are attached to a very strong base that are supposed to be held securely in place for a number of years. If taken proper care of, your dental implant can last for 20 years or more.

Not sufficient bone: Dental implants are not a good option for older people or those who smoke heavily owing to the lack of sufficient bone density in their jaw due to aging or smoking. Similarly, in cases, when your tooth is missing for quite some time period, the bone tends to shrink as it no longer has to perform its role of holding the root of a tooth in place. Although, these mentioned cases are true, they are quite far from impossible. Before the actual implant placement takes place, you have to undergo a series of assessments and an examination like taking x-rays and scans in order to determine the level of bone in your jaw. If in the case where you have insufficient bone density, the other possibility is to undergo bone grafting before the actual procedure. Upon completion of the bone grafting procedure, and subsequent healing time, your jaw will have enough strength for the dental implant, thus you can successfully get an implant for replacing your missing tooth.

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