Why You Should Consider the Dental Intraoral Camera - Providing an Easy Click Exam

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    Jan 17, 2013
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If you work at a dentist office, there are a number of reasons why you should consider a dental Intraoral Camera. Dental Intraoral cameras are designed to provide an easy click examination. All that the dentist has to do in order to take a picture of teeth is click on the simple button that is located on the outside of the camera. Dental intraoral cameras takes excellent quality pictures, they have better resolution than many cameras that cost thousands of dollars more. The benefits of this are substantial, below you will find reasons why a dentistry today should consider one of these cameras.

#1 - They provide an extremely easy way to take pictures of teeth
Perhaps the most obvious reason why you should consider a dental intraoral camera is because it allows you as the dentist, or the dental hygienist, to take pictures of teeth extremely easily. The camera conveniently fits into the mouth of all patients, it's a lightweight hand piece that is simple and easy to operate. The camera allows you to quickly snap a picture of any area of the mouth, so that you can permanently examine those teeth later on. Taking a picture will allow you to see exactly what is going on in the patient's mouth, so that you can see once and for all whether there is a cavity or any other serious type of problem. This allows you to get up close and personal with the teeth of your patients and it makes it much easier to do examinations.

#2 - Dental intraoral cameras are affordable
As a dentistry, you are probably watching where you spend your money. Dental intraoral cameras are very affordable and they can make your services far more effective. In fact, some websites sell these types of cameras for just a few hundred dollars, which is a substantial price difference compared to the other models on the market that cost anywhere from $1500-$5000. Dental intraoral cameras are affordable way to drastically improve your dental facility, your patience will greatly appreciate the advanced technology that you have in place.

#3 - Dental intraoral cameras offer push button convenience
A dental intraoral camera is designed to be easy to operate. One of the ways that it accomplishes this is by providing push button convenience. When using the camera, there will conveniently be a button on the outside of the device that you can push in order to snap a picture. It's located in a very convenient spot on the device, which means it makes it easy to take pictures while you are examining the client's mouth.

#4 - Dental intraoral cameras take crystal-clear pictures
The more advanced dental intraoral cameras today take pictures that have amazing resolution. There will be no fuzzy or grainy images. Instead, everything will be crystal clear and very easy to see. This is a great opportunity to begin examining your clients in a new way, so that you can see their teeth in ways that you never have before. It will allow you at the dentist provide better quality services to your patients.

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