Denture Repair - When Might You Need to See a Dentist?

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Denture Repair - When Might You Need to See a Dentist? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Dentures will break sooner or later. They are not permanent and you will not be able to get away with having made up for you and then never seeing another dentist. Obviously, you need to know about some of the signs that your dentures need the attention of a professional.

In this article, we are going to look at when you may need to see a dentist for denture repairs in Glasgow.

Denture Repair Kits

Cracks and chips are regular signs that you need some outside help. Do not try to fix the problem yourself using an over-the-counter repair kit you find at a local store. The chemicals in these products can cause the metal clasps to erode. Many of them also damage the denture material itself. This will only hasten the decline of your dentures, so you will have to contend with a bigger dental bill sooner.

Sore Gums

If you have sore gums and you are only wearing your dentures for a few hours each day, the chances are they have become too loose. Like with dental implants in Glasgow, this may require the help of a dental technician in a lab. This is known as a denture reline and it will help adjust the dentures to your ever-changing mouth.


General breakages happen by accident. This is the most common reason someone may need to look into denture repair. Breakages often happen in the bathroom when you have taken them out to wash.

To stop this from happening, fill the sink with water. If you happen to drop your dentures, the water will save them. You can also put a folded up towel on hard surfaces to provide a soft cushioning should your dentures slip out of your hands.

Proper Cleaning

Dentures are not real teeth, but like with dental implants they still need to be cleaned correctly. Always use a soft head brush and a tailor-made denture cleaner. Toothpastes are not suitable for cleaning dentures. Many of the chemicals used in toothpastes will cause abrasive damage to your dentures, which can make them uncomfortable to wear.

My Dentures are Brittle and Losing their Shape

Dentures should always remain moist. This is why you may see an older person storing their dentures in a glass of water at night. Dry dentures become brittle and can warp. Once they warp, they are no longer suitable for wear. Make no mistake. Warping does not always twist them so out of shape that you cannot fit them in your mouth. They tend to be smaller changes, which can lead to rubbing and subsequent sore gums.

Overall, whenever you suspect there is a problem with your dentures you should see your dentist immediately. Never try to solve the problem yourself. The chances are you will only make it worst. Furthermore, do not let a problem fester. Putting the problem off only compounds it,which can mean a more costly repair bill later on.

Even if your dentures are fine, you should be having them checked as part of a general maintenance program every year.

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