New Teeth Specialists in Chicago Discuss the Shocking Truths about Removable Dentures, PART 4

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    May 29, 2013
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New Teeth Specialists in Chicago Discuss the Shocking Truths about Removable Dentures, PART 4 Photo by Rooden Salle

Most of the technology we have developed over the course of our inhabitation of this planet has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially in the last 100 years. Not too long ago, a cold could have been a death sentence, but nowadays we get seasonal inoculations before we even have a chance to get sick.  Somehow, removable dentures have survived the shift and advancement of technology and their design has remained pretty much the same. After having New Teeth specialists in Chicago walk us through the many terrible daily challenges and repeat expenses association with this archaic technology, you’d be forgiven for asking whether there is an alternative!

Thankfully, there is an entire field of dentistry devoted to teeth replacement using a technology that is fixed (non-removable) and far more sophisticated than removable dentures. That field is Implantology. In this article, the final installment of our four-part series, we shall shift our focus to the fantastic alternative edentulous (toothless) and near-edentulous patients have when considering a tooth replacement option.

“All On Four” Dental Implants in Chicago

The “All On Four” is regarded by dental implant specialists in Chicago as the most favorable solution to edentulism, near-edentulism and a failing dentition. Basically, if you need new teeth, you simply won’t get a more sophisticated, comprehensive and long-lasting technology than “All On Four” implants. So, what is it?

The “All On Four” is a dental implant technique that is used to provide patients with a brand new set of upper and/or lower teeth. This is achieved by the placement of four dental implants in Chicago per jaw to which a customized, prosthetic dental bridge is attached. The exact placement and angulation of these implants is determined using Cone Beam CT scan images during the planning stages of the surgery.

This careful planning is done so that the implants can almost always be placed without the need for bone grafting first (bone grafting would be done to address a lack of bone volume in the jaw, which is typical of patients who have lost teeth). Through the strategic placement of these implants, New Teeth specialists in Chicago can almost always find adequate support for a customized dental prosthesis.

The “All On Four” is so much less invasive and traumatic for patients to go through when compared to traditional dental implant procedures. It can be completed in as little as a single day with only one surgery, as opposed to over the course of 12 to 18 months and with multiple procedures. It’s also tens of thousands of dollars cheaper! But where it really shines is the benefits and advantages it boasts over removable dentures…

“All On Four” Dental Implants in Chicago and Dentures

The “All On Four” gives patients new teeth that:

• Are fixed and non-removable,
• Are cleaned like natural teeth (in the mouth),
• Do not come out at night,
• Feel natural and comfortable,
• Don’t rest on, rub against or damage the neighboring or underlying hard and soft tissues in the mouth,
• Can manage all kinds of food easily,
• Improve one’s self esteem and confidence,
• Don’t impede one’s ability to taste their food or sense its temperature and texture,
• Don’t trigger the gag reflex,
• Can last many decades without the need for repair or replacement.

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