Teeth Implants Specialists in Chicago Talks About the All-On-4 Procedure, Part2

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    Jun 25, 2013
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Teeth Implants Specialists in Chicago Talks About the All-On-4 Procedure, Part2 Photo by Rooden Salle

Welcome to the second article of this four-part series in which we take a comprehensive look at the All-on-Four procedure. In this installment, we will be explaining the various benefits and advantages of the All-on-Four teeth implant technique in Chicago. As we mentioned in our previous post, the All-On-Four is the leading and most comprehensive solution to complete tooth loss or a failing dentition.

Unfortunately, tooth loss and edentulism is a fairly common reality facing millions of people living in the United States. Close to 100 million people have lost 11 to 15 of their original adult teeth while 38 million more don’t have a single original adult tooth left! Fortunately, with the incredible technology available to modern dentistry, the All-On-Four can give you a beautiful, fully-functional set of new teeth in a day: Chicago dentists do it every day!

What Are the Advantages of the All-on-Four?

Although other options for dealing with tooth loss are available in the form of removable dentures or conventional dental bridges, none of these options boast the variety of benefits and advantages that the All-on-Four technique offers. For example, unlike traditional dentures, the All-on-Four supplies patients with a new set of teeth that are fixed (non-removable). This unique feature means that your new teeth do not require removal for cleaning; you can continue a normal diet and never have to worry about shifting teeth in your mouth! Furthermore, they look, feel and function like natural teeth, giving you the beautifully confident smile you deserve to enjoy.

Your All-on-Four Implants Allow for a Stronger Bite

New teeth implants in Chicago are rooted in the jawbone like natural teeth, via titanium metal screws. This means that your new teeth will be able to support a strong and natural bite. In turn, you will be able to enjoy a larger variety of foods than patients who wear removable dentures. Furthermore, removable denture wearers often present with oral sores as a consequence of dentures rubbing against the gums. Many denture wearers have been known to complain of pain and discomfort as a result of wearing and eating with dentures. The All-on-Four is without a doubt a far better solution to missing teeth and considering the above; it is not hard to figure out why!

A Few More Reasons Why the All-on-Four is a Better Solution

If you are considering traditional removable dentures, take a moment to acknowledge the following facts:

Removable dentures affect almost all aspects of your life: your diet, your nighttime cleaning routine, your self-confidence and your comfort. In order to make removable dentures more stable, they are constructed to be bulky and as a result, they tend to be very uncomfortable and can cause issues such as difficulty eating and inflamed gums.

Removable dentures also compromise your ability to taste, sense temperature and appreciate the texture of the food you eat. Dentures can harbor food debris, which can lead to bacterial development. This is why denture wearers often suffer from chronic bad breath; a condition often referred to as ‘denture breath’. In turn the cleaning process ends up becoming quite a ritual in which denture wearers have to remove their teeth at night for soaking and cleaning, not mention a lifetime of spending considerable amounts of money on all sorts of cleaning materials, anesthetic gels and adhesives. 

The All-on-Four eliminates these challenges; being fixed (non-removable), you can eat as per normal and clean your teeth the tried and tested old-fashioned way. They look and feel natural and are quite simply the smarter investment, both financially and in terms of lifestyle.

A Final Few Words

In this two-part article series, we have considered the multiple ways in which the All-on-Four will improve not only your oral health but your confidence as well! There really is no smarter solution for replacing teeth! Speak to your dentist about getting new teeth in a day: Chicago dentists recommend it.

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