Is Dental Implant The Best Method To Replace Missing Or Extracted Tooth?

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    Sep 01, 2014
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Is Dental Implant The Best Method To Replace Missing Or Extracted Tooth? Photo by Eliza Barry

Who should have dental implant?

Yes, definitely. Anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth needs dental implant. This latest technique in replacing extracted or missing tooth is the best alternative. Here are some of the benefits dental implants can provide:

1.Tooth replacement to improve tooth function for proper chewing of food. Well chewed food is good for better digestion.

2.Saves your face bone. When a tooth is extracted, the face bone where the extracted tooth is attached slowly degenerates. This affects your facial contour.

3.Dental implant uses only the strongest material for improving your bite. Titanium is not only sturdy but is most compatible with the human body. This material is widely used for medical purposes.

4.Keeps the sparkle in your smile.

5.You gain your confidence without any fear of losing your denture.

Dental implant is a dental procedure that replaces the root of the tooth with a sturdy material. Like the tooth, the replacement material is implanted and anchored on the facial bone.

Using the implanted titanium as a base, a tooth crown is attached. The crown is what is visible when we smile or whenever we open our mouth. The whole dental implant process replicates the tooth structure so everything looks as normal as possible. No one will even notice you even have a dental implant.

However, like any medical procedure it is required to have you examined for any health problems or disease that may have an effect to the implant procedure later on in life.

See your dentist now and learn how you can regain your confidence and improve your teeth functions for better health.

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