Get New Teeth in Victoria and Let the All-on-Four Put a Healthy Smile on Your Face

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    Feb 26, 2013
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Get New Teeth in Victoria and Let the All-on-Four Put a Healthy Smile on Your Face Photo by Milano Mosse

Some people just can't bring themselves to smile. Quite simply, they are missing teeth and have no interest in sharing their embarrassment with the rest of the world. The good news for these people can be found in a dental implant procedure that has the potential to give them new teeth in Victoria, TX: new, non-removable and immediately functional teeth that will have them grinning from ear-to-ear.

The procedure, called the "All-on-4," is not to be confused with partial or full removal dentures. There are no messy adhesives involved, no removal of teeth at night, no slipping or loose dentures while speaking and you can eat all the foods you enjoy, all without the lingering effects of bad breath. Now isn't that something you can sink your teeth into?

How Does It Work?

The “All-on-4” is designed for patients who are missing all of their teeth or are about to. The procedure utilizes four titanium screws - or dental implants - that are strategically inserted at angles that best make use of the remaining healthy bone tissue in the jaw. A customized non-removable prosthetic dental bridge is then attached to the titanium implants.

When the procedure is finished, you are left with a new set of teeth that look and feel natural, all in a few hours of surgery. In most cases, patients can return home in one day and yet they reap the benefits of a smile that, if cared for properly, can last for many decades and even a lifetime!

So, now it is easy to see where the term “All-on-4” is derived from: four dental implants per jaw to which a new set of fixed and non-removable replacement teeth are attached.

The difference? Traditional procedures might require at least six and as many as 12 dental implants and up to 18 months of treatment. The “All-on-4” procedure typically allows patients to return to home on the same day of the procedure to show-off their new smiles.

So What Does all This Mean?

All-on-4 dental implants can be brushed and cleaned like natural teeth; no more removal at nighttime and after meals. Because the bridge supported by “All-on-4” implants is far less bulky than dentures, it also eliminates problems such as gagging and taste impediment. Additionally, it will not create discomfort by pressing down on your sore, inflamed gums.

What is the Cost of New Teeth in Victoria, TX?

Generally, there are two phases to the “All-on-4” dental implant procedure. The first phase includes the removal of loose teeth and the fitting of four implants secured to a temporary bridge. After a few months, when the implants have healed, the temporary prosthetic device is replaced with a permanent set of teeth. The cost per jaw is $35,000. For complete oral rehabilitation, new teeth cost $50,000. These estimates include all consultations (except the initial one), X-rays, teeth extractions, hardware, surgery and post-operative check-ups.

What Are You Waiting For?

That said, despite this break-through technology, there are still tens of millions of people in the United States who are missing or about to lose teeth as a result of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Adults are more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease, especially those who smoke, practice poor dental hygiene, suffer from chronic illnesses like cancer and diabetes, and take certain medications. Genetics can also play a role.

Left untreated, this bacterial infection of the soft tissue surrounding your teeth causes tooth loss, which in turn, leads to difficulty eating and speaking, poor nutrition and - perhaps, worse of all - the destruction your self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully, the “All-on-4” protocol can give Victoria residents new teeth.

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New teeth Victoria offer patient’s state of the art, far more sophisticated and long term solutions with all on 4 dental implants. Milano Mosse is an associate of New Teeth One Day at Victoria, TX for year after year. He talks in this article about cost of new teeth and all on 4 procedure.

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