Treatment Stages for Dental Implants Surgery

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    Apr 04, 2013
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Treatment Stages for Dental Implants Surgery Photo by Rozar Peter

So you’ve decided to get a smile makeover with dental implants? Congratulations for your first step in the right direction! Here’s what you can expect at different stages of the process, even though your actual experience may slightly differ as per your personal oral health and age:

Stage I – Consultation and Examination

When you visit your cosmetic dentist in Arizona, the condition of your gums and teeth will be comprehensively checked. The dentist may take an impression of your smile to create models. X-rays and CT scan technologies give detailed images of the jawbone to determine bone quantity and quality. They also help to locate the nerves and sinus. The dentist will then use the study models and images to determine the kind of implant solution that you would need. He/she also identifies the optimal location for maximum implant stability.

Stage II – Treatment Planning

After the analysis of your dental exam, your cosmetic dentist will discuss your requirements for any pre treatment procedures. Some patients may require bone grafting if their jaw bone does not have the required density to hold an implant firmly. The cost of dental implants is also discussed at this stage. At this stage, it is wise to ask all questions that you might have for a dental implants treatment. You must also disclose your brief medical history to the dentist and tell him/her about any medications that you regularly take.

Stage III – Dental Implants Surgery

The surgery for dental implants in Phoenix is done under local anesthesia and IV sedation. The dentist inserts one or more implant posts into your jawbone. The number of implants you get would depend on the number of missing teeth that you need to replace and the implant dentistry technique being used by the dentist. Bone grafting, if required, is also performed at this stage. Your dentist may give you temporary replacement teeth to wear during the healing phase after the surgery. If the dentist uses All-on-4 dental implants procedure for you, the permanent replacement teeth are also attached on the same day.

Stage IV – Healing 

With the healing of your jawbone tissue, a process called osseointegration occurs wherein your bone grows tightly around the implant posts to integrate well with your jawbone. The process usually takes 2 to 6 months and again depends upon the kind and number of implants inserted. Osseointegration typically occurs faster in the lower jaw.

Stage V – Dental Implants Restoration

Attaching the new replacement teeth is also referred to as ‘restoring the dental implants’. At this stage you receive your customized implant crown(s). The replacement teeth look and work like your natural white teeth and you can leave the dentist office with a confident and beautiful smile!

Taking care of your new teeth is not a hassle. Proper dental hygiene with regular brushing and flossing is a basic requirement. Fruits such as apples & oranges and cheese low in carbohydrates but rich in calcium and phosphate are also good for healthy teeth. Celery is known to produce plenty of saliva that neutralizes cavity-causing bacteria. So combine a good diet with proper oral hygiene and let the beauty of your smile stay intact!

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Rozar Peter is an expert cosmetic dentist in Arizona. He explains the overview on comprehensive treatment stages of dental implants in Phoenix and how it transforms your smile and your personality.

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