Dental Implants Smile Like Never Before

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    Apr 25, 2013
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Dental Implants Smile Like Never Before Photo by Rozar Peter

Dental implants are basically replacement teeth made from titanium that can be placed in a vacant space in the jaw after you have lost one or more teeth owing to an accident or oral disease. The chief benefit of dental implants is that they don't depend on neighboring teeth for seeking support and act as an individual natural tooth on its own.

It is quite hard to distinguish between your natural tooth and an implant. Dental implants in Phoenix are considered a more natural, better, and secure option than ill-fitting dentures. Due to tooth / teeth loss, most of people feel conscious and lack the confidence to smile, laugh and eat in public places. If you are already wearing dentures then you might be feeling uncomfortable as they tend to slip while you are eating, laughing or speaking. This makes you feel insecure. Moreover, as they are not permanently fixed in your gums, so removing them amongst a group of people or while eating is quite unattractive, messy as well as embarrassing.

Opting for dental implants will let you smile with confidence and grace. Under the supervision of a good dentist, properly placed teeth implants can stay for a number of years.

Dental Implants in Phoenix – The Procedure

Many a times, dental implants are made in such a way that the level of acceptance of these teeth by your jaw bone increases. The most frequently used type of dental implant is made from range 5 titanium that is the most pure form of titanium. So, what exactly takes place during a dental implant procedure? It starts when your dental professional begins creating a customized plan for you that will suffice all your possible needs. It is followed by inserting the dental implant into the missing tooth location. This dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone and it requires a healing time of up to 4 months.

During this healing time, your gum and the bone get attached to it and start to grow around the inserted dental implant. When the implant is healed properly, the dentist places a crown on top of it which attaches itself to the implant support. The crown is created after taking impressions of your teeth and according to the size and shape of your gums. It is also made in the same color as your existing teeth so as to give you the most natural look. It is difficult to identify the dissimilarities between your natural teeth and a dental implant.

After-care for Dental Implants

After the dental implants procedure, you will be provided with a proper after-care plan by your dentist. Your dental implants need the same type and amount of care as your natural teeth. Continue regular flossing and brushing and remember to visit your dentist for check-ups.

Dental implants have to be treated and maintained exactly like your own teeth. These implants will give back your lost confidence; so, if you worry about a tooth missing, no need to worry anymore; get this useful, easy and simple treatment done.

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