Software Engineering - Interactive Gaming Program Preparing Students for better tomorrow

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    Aug 04, 2014
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Software Engineering - Interactive Gaming Program Preparing Students for better tomorrow Photo by Gene Haskell

One of the main reasons for attending Centennial College’s post-secondary Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming (Co-Op) program was that it gave me real-world hands-on experience. I actually applied what I read. The good news is that I’m one of the countless Centennial graduates who feel so. Teachers here bring their own real-world experiences to their classrooms, making students aware of what actually happens at the workplace. What can be better than this?

My experience at the college was simply amazing. I learnt the most technical things but in an interesting manner. I won’t say that it was too easy to study interactive gaming and software engineering technology. But it was certainly exciting. We would work on team projects and individual assignments, discuss among ourselves, have one-on-one discussions and work in laboratories. The theoretical knowledge combined with practical hands-on experience prepared me for the world of work.

The coursework emphasized on object-oriented software design methodologies, user-oriented interface design, MS-SQL server, software testing, Java, C#, Java EE, Oracle, XNA, Flash, HTML5, WebSpehere and mobile application development and more. It also included two software development projects which required us to utilize all the technical and business skills we acquired during our studies.

The best thing about the program was that it incorporated a co-op component which allowed me to work three terms as a paid employee in the field. This helped me put my classroom learning into practice, understand what employers expected and gain relevant industry contacts. Moreover, it is a fully CIPS/CTAB accredited program, which means it meets all standards when it comes to program curriculum and faculty experience. The credentials are highly respectable in the industry.

How Did I Land at Centennial?

Attending Centennial was not a spontaneous decision.  Although the college bears good reputation in Toronto but I made a research before applying to the college. I checked Centennial college ratings, spoke with students who were already enrolled in this program and connected with the Centennial’s support staff and program coordinator. I applied to this program when I got a positive response from all sides.

The program in software engineering technology has an outstanding curriculum and helps in making strong foundation for a great career. It gives the knowledge and skills that can be used during all phases of game programming life cycle, beginning from designing, 3D graphics programming, engine design and multiplayer online game programming.

The biggest benefit is that it prepares students for diverse careers, including game programming, software development, database administration, system analysis, web application development and software support.

I recommend Centennial to everyone who wishes to study engineering. I’m sure they would have an experience as amazing as that of mine.

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The author says about College’s Post-Secondary Software Engineering Technology – Interactive Gaming (Co-Op) Program of which the students can check Centennial College Ratings as it offers amazing study experience offering best curriculum and faculty.

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